Stacey Dooley: ‘Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Self-Care’

Plus shop the £12 cleanser Stacey uses every day and the perfume she's never without

Stacey Dooley

by Annie Vischer |

Stacey Dooley is best known presenting hard-hitting documentaries - catch her latest, Stalkers on BBC iPlayer - and winning Strictly Come Dancing in 2018, but unlike a lot of TV stars, it's rare that anyone gets the inside track on her beauty routines, her skincare favourites and her make-up bag essentials. Perhaps that's because it feels reductive to ask an award-winning documentary maker about her favourite lipstick, but Stacey is the first to emphasise the value of beauty and self-care.

'I love a massage,' says Stacey, 'and I do love indulging in skincare. I feel most confident when my skin looks good, I’m not hormonal and when I’ve been looking after myself.' Stacey's recent partnership with Avène - the renowned sensitive-skin friendly brand that used to get hunted down in French pharmacies by beauty editors the world over before it landed on UK shores - speaks of her love of skincare too. Here Stacey talks Grazia through her current skincare routine, her memories of working on the beauty counters at Luton airport and the beauty tips she took away from Strictly Come Dancing.

On Her Current Skincare Routine

'I am more into skincare than make up. I spend more time on skincare in the evening, in the morning I sometimes only have fifteen or twenty minutes to get out of the door.'

'My evening routine starts with a double cleanse using the Avène Tolerance Extremely Gentle Cleanser, £12, which I remove with a muslin cloth. Next I use the Avène Cleansing Foam for Sensitive Skin, £13.50, and finish with either the Avène Tolerance Soothing Skin Control Balm, £17.50, or Cream depending on what my skin needs. I also like the Avène serums.'

'For events and work I usually have a make-up artist that sorts me out. We always go for dewy, glossy skin and then more of an eye than a lip. NARS eyeshadow and concealer and a Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser are my go-tos.'

'Perfume wise I now wear Frederic Malle Portrait Of A Lady Eau de Parfum, £172 for 50ml, I like more masculine scents with hints of leather or wood – nothing too girly, floral or sweet.'

On The Beauty Tips She Took Away From Strictly Come Dancing

'I suppose because I am not used to wearing a full face of make-up it was quite exciting to indulge that side and I now know I love a using mascara on my bottom lashes. Bottom lashes for days!'

On Her First Memories Of Beauty

'I used to work on the beauty counters at Luton airport. We were selling, perfume, make up or skincare and we used to wake up at 5am, constantly rushing around, applying mascara on the way to work which started at 6am! I have always been surrounded by beauty which is why it’s so hilarious that I’m probably one of the most unglamorous women I know.'

On The Self-Care Value Of Beauty

'I think we are more progressive now and recognise that we are in no place to pass judgement, you have to do what’s right for you. Don’t underestimate the power of self-care and whatever works to make you feel confident and the best version of yourself, who are we to judge?'

'I think I have got a very credible work ethic and I always work hard which means I am always running around like a maniac trying to it everything in.'

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