The Underground Skincare Brand Sienna Miller Loves Should Be On Everyone’s Wishlists This Year

Lily Allen and Maya Jama are big fans too

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When it comes to fashion and beauty, Sienna Miller is undoubtedly one of the biggest influencers around - especially in the UK and especially when it comes to skincare - and she doesn't even post on Instagram. Thanks to beauty professionals like her longtime friend and go-to make-up artist Wendy Rowe, we have a pretty firm handle on the sorts of products that Sienna makes a play for on the daily. There are the £12 sheet masks she reportedly rates, the cult classic vitamin C serum that has her hooked and the hydrating nude lipstick she wore to the Met Gala last year.


One Sienna Miller-approved skincare line you might not have heard about though, was launched by facialist to the stars Shane Cooper. Frequently entrusted to glow-up A-list complexions, Shane works from an achingly chic studio in London's South Kensington, where the likes of Nicola Coughlan,Lily Allen, Maya Jama and Sienna herself, regularly walk through the door. He's famed for his unparalleled use of skin tech - think micro-needling, LED masks and laser therapy - and his tailor-made treatments.

In 2020, when demand from his client base reached fever pitch, Shane launched his product line - a capsule collection of high-performance products designed to hydrate, firm and lift skin at home, and the hype has yet to die down. His star clientele regularly take to Instagram to post a selfie of themselves wearing his hero Oxygenation Mask, and the Hyaluronic Mist is gaining widespread acclaim too.

Best of all? The entire line is on sale with 30% off in this year's Black Friday sale. Find out more, and shop the lot below:

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Shane Cooper Oxygenation Mask1 of 7
CREDIT: Shane Cooper

Shane Cooper Oxygenation Mask

This is arguably the line's hero product. It's made with encapsulated oxygen, which manages to deliver what Shane describes as an 'oxygen bath' to skin, promoting clarity and elasticity. It's fast-acting too, you only have to leave it on for between 10 and 15 minutes.

Shane Cooper Hyaluronic Boosting Serum2 of 7
CREDIT: Shane Cooper

Shane Cooper Hyaluronic Boosting Serum

A cocktail of moisture magnet hyaluronic acid and calming lactic acid, this serum is a powerhouse of hydrators. It moisturises and tightens skin.

Shane Cooper Hyaluronic Mist3 of 7
CREDIT: Shane Cooper

Shane Cooper Hyaluronic Mist

This can be used as a soothing toner after you cleanse, or as a potent hydration boost throughout the day. Spray this on before you refresh your make-up to maximise your glow.

Shane Cooper Foaming Cleanser4 of 7
CREDIT: Shane Cooper

Shane Cooper Foaming Cleanser

It's a light, foaming formula that works like a micellar water to draw dirt and impurities away from the skin like a magnet. It's suitable for sensitive skin types too.

Shane Cooper Collagen Firming Cream5 of 7
CREDIT: Shane Cooper

Shane Cooper Collagen Firming Cream

The luxurious formula works to replenish moisture levels and support collagen production. It's packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin C as well as mandelic acid, which catalyses cell turnover.

Shane Cooper The Hero Set6 of 7
CREDIT: Shane Cooper

Shane Cooper The Hero Set

A great entry-level bundle that includes the Collagen Firming Cream, Hyaluronic Boosting Serum and the Oxygenation Mask.

Shane Cooper Shane's System7 of 7
CREDIT: Shane Cooper

Shane Cooper Shane's System

Want to snap up the lot? This set includes the Collagen Firming Cream, the Hyaluronic Boosting Serum, Oxygenation Mask, Hyaluronic Mist and the Foaming Cleanser.

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