A London Hotel Is Offering A 12-Step Queen’s Jubilee Facial And This Is What’s Involved

From rose quartz wands to a gold-infused face mask, this treatment is well and truly fit for a royal

Queen Elizabeth

by Annie Vischer |

The Londoner opened its doors last September, hailing itself the world's first super boutique hotel. It boasts a staggering 350 rooms across 16 storeys, six restaurants, a private members area, event spaces, a cinema and an entire floor dedicated to wellness. It's there, at The Retreat, that, as of this week, guests and beauty aficionados alike are able to book in for the luxurious, and eye-wateringly expensive - it'll cost you £155 - Queen's Jubilee Facial, part of their Jubilee summer series.

We're wholeheartedly on board with celebrating Queen Elizabeth II and her historic Platinum Jubilee via the medium of beauty, so it took very little persuading for Grazia to swing by Leicester Square's newest hotel and sample the 12-step - yes 12 step - facial. Here's what we can reveal:

What does The Londoner's £175 Jubilee facial involve?

This treatment's about as indulgent as they get. It's the brainchild of skincare brand Omorovicza, a line famed for its luxe formulas and focus on the healing properties of Hungary's thermal waters. Want a full run through? Scroll on down:

Step 1 - Back Exfoliation

Your therapist works with Omorovicza's Gold Sugar Scrub. It's infused with gold, as the name suggests, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Your therapist uses warm flannels to sweep away the product before moving on to the next phase of the facial.

Step 2 - Back Massage

Your therapist uses Omorovicza's Gold Shimmer Oil and firm, sweeping strokes to release tension.

Step 3 - Cleanse

You're treated to a double cleanse, first using the Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm, a black formula that gently heats up on application, followed by the aptly named Omorovicza Queen Cleanser, a cream that nourishes skin.

Step 4 - Exfoliate

The Omorovicza Blue Diamond Resurfacing Peel is used to revitalise skin. It sounds scarier than it is. Expect a little tingling, and a little flush in your cheeks afterwards at most. Smoother, brighter skin, though, comes as standard.

Step 5 - Tone

A spritz of Omorovicza's hero buy the Queen of Hungary Mist, works to refresh and hydrate skin. Hungary's thermal waters are the star of the show here.

Step 6 - Eye Cream

What better to treat your eyes to during this no-holds-barred facial than a gold-infused eye cream? Omorovicza's Gold Eye Lift uses vitamins A, C and the anti-inflammatory properties of gold to de-puff, temper dark circles and brighten skin.

Step 7 - Treatment Mask

More gold! Enter Omorovicza's Gold Hydralifting Mask. Predictably laced with gold, as well as niche antioxidant-rich botanicals like radish root, this rose scented mask works to lift and plump skin.

Step 8 - Arm Massage

While the luxe gold face mask works its magic, your therapist turns their attention to your arms. You get an exfoliation and massage with the same products used for your back massage.

The pressure is firm, the moves are quick, and the instant plumping power is unrivalled

Step 9 - Face Massage

Enter the standout phase of the facial. You're offered either a Hungarian face massage or a lymphatic drainage massage. If you're after efficacy, plump for the Hungarian option. The lymphatic drainage is great, don't get us wrong, it's light and gentle, perfect if you plan on nodding off mid-treatment. The Hungarian face massage though, prepare yourself. The pressure is firm, the moves are quick, and the instant plumping power is unrivalled.

Step 10 - Moisturise

Depending on your skin type, your therapist will reach for either Omorovicza's Illuminating Moisturiser, or their Balancing Moisturiser. If you have a preference, make sure to speak up. They do what they say on the tin. Next comes the serum, Omorovicza's Gold Night Drops - which cost a whopping £193 to buy - made with vitamin A (firming and resurfacing), vitamin C (brightening) and a probiotic that strengthens skin.

Even your lips are catered for

Step 11 - Lip Balm

Attention to detail is key here, even your lips are catered for. Packed with omega 6 ceramides, Omorovicza's hero lip balm nourishes lips, and conditions the delicate skin there. It's tinted blush too, and high on shine.

Step 12 - Final Massage

Oh, it's not over. To end your treatment your therapist will reach for a set of rose quartz wands and cooling dermaglobes. If you've been lulled into near slumber by this 70 minute treatment, the revitalising chill of these skin tools will reenergise you.

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