No7’s New Dermatologist Led Skincare Range is Set To Go Viral – Here’s Why

It's been backed by top dermatologist Dr Emma Wedgeworth

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There’s no denying that the beauty arena is a saturated one. The world of skincare, in particular, is constantly brimming with buzzy new launches. And with each new product claiming to be ‘the best’ it can be tricky to work out which are truly worth their salt. One brand that manages to catch our attention time and time again? No7. Fresh from launching their viral Future Renew Range earlier this year, the brand are back with a bang. And this newest range could be their best yet.


Enter the launch of Derm Solutions, a concise line-up of cosmetic skincare treatments and targeted solutions that tackle specific skin issues including blemishes, and aspects of rosacea, psoriasis and eczema. Approved by dermatologists, buyers can be rest assured that they're choosing effective and efficacious products - without the high-end price tag.

'Skin health is impacted by many different triggers which can cause an unhealthy skin cycle of inflammation, oxidative stress and barrier damage leading to oiliness and blemishes, dryness, dullness, redness, uneven skin tone and rough texture,' said No7’s Head of Science Research Dr Mike Bell. 'The Derm Solutions range is designed to work with your skin, and not against it so that skin can adapt and defend itself from internal and external triggers.'

But what exactly is it that makes this new No7 launch so exciting? We'd say the immense amount of research that's been put behind the range - ten years, to be exact. There's been product testing on over 5,400 consumers as well as 49 studies, confirming that considerable time and effort has gone into ensuring the range is the best it can be. And with top dermatologists like Dr Emma Wedgeworth backing the brand, you know they're on to something big.

'Skin conditions are increasingly common,' said Dr Wedgeworth. 'For this reason having access to trusted and factually correct information is vital to help people understand their skin and to support them on their journey to better skin health. For milder changes, adapting skincare routines can be a great first step in helping to reset and improve skin health. The Derm Solutions range is well suited to people who need to support their skin barrier with core products that will reset and soothe the skin.'

Indeed, it's worth shouting about the hero product in particular, the Derm Solutions Skin Balancing Serum, £27.95 which saw hugely impressive results at clinical study - it's been clinically proven to target oiliness and dryness. When it landed on the Grazia beauty desk we were certainly eager to try it out - it's brimming with a medley of hero ingredients including soothing green tea and brightening vitamin C. While my results weren't instant (around six weeks) I did see an improvement in the tone and texture of my skin when I used it morning and night.

The Derm Solutions edit is likely to fly off the shelves - and for good reason. Let's not forget the brand's track record. Between their viral No7 Protect & Perfect skincare range and their Future Renew launch, we predict a queue outside the Boots storefronts in the coming days.

Run, don't walk.

Shop: No7 New Derm Solutions Range

skin No7 Derm Solutions Comforting Cream Cleanser
Price: £14.95

Just a small amount of this cream cleanser makes light work of gently removing impurities and make-up without stripping the skin - it's a must for those with sensitive complexions.

Skin No7 Derm Solutions 100-Hour Hydration Cream
Price: £22.95

Dry skin? Look no further. This nourishing moisturiser is suitable for sensitive complexions and even for those prone to eczema. It's nourishing, calming and soothing.

skin No7 Derm Solutions Skin Balancing Serum 
Price: £29.95

Ideal for those who want tangible results, No7 claim that this serum will reveal 'visibly healthy and balanced skin in just four weeks.' And when there's studies to prove it, it's safe to say it's going in our basket.

skin No7 Derm Solutions™ Lightweight Hydrating Lotion
Price: £22.95

Oily, blemish prone skin needs moisture too. We've been reaching for this one which works to instantly soothe, hydrate and calm without blocking the pores or making complexions look even more oily. You'll be hooked.

No7 skin Derm Solutions Calming Gel Cleanser 
Price: £14.95

Proven to deeply clean, this calming cleanser is deft at removing impurities, excess oil and make-up without ever feeling drying. Bonus points as it's fragrance free making it suitable for sensitive, eczema prone skin.

SKIN No7 Derm Solutions™ Clearing Treatment
Price: £22.95

Specially formulated for oily, blemish prone skin, this clearing treatment is likely to become a must in bathroom cabinets the world over. We've tried it, and it left our complexion looking considerably brighter with less blemishes and redness. Sold.

SKIN No7 Derm Solutions™ Eczema Treatment
Price: £14.95

Those who suffer with eczema will be only too familiar with the discomfort that the skin condition can bring. But if the reviews are anything to go by from this new launch, then this treatment could be worth trying. It's been made to increase the skin moisture content to smooth and reduce dryness.

skin No7 Derm Solutions™ Psoriasis Treatment Cream
Price: £14.95

Psoriasis sufferers, rejoice! This treatment? Well it looks set to change the game. Made to help support the natural elimination of dead cells from the skin's surface, it helps to stabilise the skin barrier and help prevent further loss of moisture. A little goes a long way.

SKIN No7 Derm Solutions™ Rosacea Treatment
Price: £14.95

Symptoms of rosacea include persistent redness, bumps, pimples and visible blood vessels.Reach for this treatment which works by creating a protective film over the skin to strengthen the barrier and aid protection. Apply twice daily after cleansing, and remember to be gentle with your complexion.

And good news, as part of the Derm Solutions launch, No7 are introducing Skin Solutions, a free in-store skin consultation service comprising of three personal skin consultations with in store beauty advisors over a period of 12 weeks. Using Pro Derm Scan technology, each appointment will provide accurate readings of hydration, oil balance, pores, fine lines and skin colour, providing a personalised skincare solution and expert support.

Count us in.

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