Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Just Revealed The At-Home Laser Therapy Device She Swears By

It's the world's most powerful at-home beauty treatment.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

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As far as a great skincare routine can get you, beauty tech devices can compliment your routine and take your skincare to even greater heights. LED face masks have soared in popularity over the last few years (Kate Moss is a big fan!) and now, we're taking things a step further with the celebrity-approved LYMA laser.

Unlike regular LED masks which only penetrate 5% of light into your skin, the LYMA laser light travels in a straight line, eliminating wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage 100 times more effectively (yes - actually). Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow are among the celebrity fans of the high-end laser, and Joanna Czech, A-list facialist even used the LYMA laser on Hailey Bieber as part of her pre-Met Gala skin prep. In fact, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley just took to Instagram to reveal she too has been relying on the device 'on and off for a couple of years' and has just upgraded to the LYMA Laser Pro (which comes in at an eye-watering £4,995) to treat larger surface areas on her body.

Speaking on the original laser, Czech says 'I truly believe that good skin is based on 70% of your lifestyle and 30% of your skincare. I like using the LYMA laser because it tackles all major skin concerns and helps my clients achieve their skin goals. There are billions of cells in the dermis which degenerate over time and the LYMA Laser reverses this process by repairing the cells. It reaches the deepest layers of the skin, including fat and muscle, which is why I recommend it for all my clients no matter their age.'

So, what - exactly - is the science behind the LYMA? Essentially, the laser light travels deep into the skins cells, energising and rebuilding them. These lasers force the skin into panic-making new skin cells, alerting more collagen to come flooding to the rescue which presents in softer, smoother, clearer skin. No pain, no down-time, just a healthier looking, glass-like complexion.

Shop the LYMA down below, for a great skin day, every day.


LYMA laser
Price: £1,999

The starter kit includes the LYMA Laser, the world's most powerful at-home beauty device, as well as a 30-day supply of the LYMA oxygen mist and glide to transform your skin in weeks. With your purchase, you will also receive a lifetime LYMA membership for access to additional benefits.

Main image: Instagram @rosiehw

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