Jennifer Aniston’s Facialist Has A Great Hack For De-Puffing Skin Using Items You’ll Probably Have In Your Kitchen

Joanna Czech is a go-to facialist for the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Christy Turlington and Anna Wintour so when she talks skincare we listen

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Let's face it, if there's a piece of skincare advice that gets us even one step closer to Jennifer Aniston's level of glowing skin then we're all ears. So when Joanna Czech, facialist to the A-list (we're talking Jennifer Aniston, Christy Turlington, Kate Winslet and even Anna Wintour) agreed to speak to Grazia and divulge her top tricks of the skincare trade, we jumped at the chance.

Joanna Czech has over 30 years worth of experience in the beauty and skincare industry and an illustrious roster of clients including Jennifer Aniston. How did she curate such an A-list client list? Evidently word gets around. 'Word of mouth is how I meet most of my high profile clients,' confirms Joanna. ' Anna Wintour, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, Carey Mulligan, Kate Winslet , Uma Thurman, Amber Valetta and Lily Aldridge.' Well sure. If Anna Wintour gives you a facialist recommendation you take it. Joanna is famed for her massaging techniques in skincare. 'I do deep tissue massage - concentrating on the muscles rather than the skin,' Joanna says of the facial techniques she uses on her celebrity clients. 'I use techniques that sculpt and lift the muscles.'

The Best Way To Massage Your Skin At Home For A-List Results

According to Joanna the key to simplifying face massage at home is investing in a massaging tool that does the work for you. 'In my opinion and experience, It is super important and vital in a non-invasive skin care regimen to spend time massaging your skin. Muscles support the skin, so the healthier and stronger the muscles are, the better your skin. Massage stimulates blood flow, brings oxygen and nutrients to the tissue. And enhances the efficacy of any product that follows.'

It's brightening, healing, plumping, and sculpting

'If done consistently, you can sculpt and lift your face. Face massage tools usually have a cooling effect and make lymphatic drainage easier to achieve.' Joanna lists the benefits of face massage, 'It's brightening, healing, plumping, and sculpting.' We're sold. So when should we be doing it? 'You should use your face massaging tool right after cleanser and toner. You can also use it over a sheet mask. Facial massage stimulates blood flow, carries nutrients to the tissue and allows for better efficacy of all products that follow.'

Joanna Czech

Joanna's Hack To De-Puffing Skin At Home Involves A Very Specific Tea

We all want to know how to de-puff our skin at home in an instant and Joanna has just the trick. 'I use ice cubes made from dandelion tea, which is great for draining fluid. Start with the ice cube at the centre of your face and draw down to the base of the ear and then the base of the neck.'

The Pre-Event Technique Joanna Uses On Her Celebrity Clients Before A Red Carpet Event

'I massage, concentrating on the muscles at the back of neck to open the front of the body because all of the nerves are concentrated there.' Explains Joanna. 'I then work from the top down as this creates micro swelling and lifts everything up. I work on the scalp, frontalis, forehead, cheeks and jawline and I repeat from the décolleté concentrating on areas needing more attention.' It's all in the massage.

The Facial Edit

On Her Go-To Skincare Range

Joanna has been working with 111Skin since 2017 and her enthusiasm for the brand continues to grow. 'I was intrigued by their product first because of the packaging and then course the clean science that they are based. I started with the Black Diamond line and was hooked. The quality is the best on the market I have been using 111Skin sheet masks on my clients and myself. Their instant results you get when combined with facial massage make them ideal for special events .' Joanna has even collaborated with 111Skin and the brand's founder Dr Yannis Alexandrides on one of their latest skincare launches - The Facial Edit, £200. Yep, that sounds pricey, but take into account that it includes four of their signature sheet masks (including the prestigious Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask that Margot Robbie is famed for being a huge fan of), Joanna's renowned facial massaging tool and a beauty bag to keep it all in and you have yourself a skincare steal.

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111Skin Facial Edit

111Skin Facial Edit1 of 1

111Skin Facial Edit, £200

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