This DIY Head Massage Will Ease Those Lockdown Headaches

Give this easy at-home head massage a try this evening. Honestly, it's a game-changer...

DIY Head Massage

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So many of us have been suffering from headaches during lockdown. Could a DIY head massage be the answer? These headaches could be put down to a number of things, from poor posture whilst working from home to increased anxiety and stress, the sort of stress that seems part and parcel of 2020. Whatever the root cause a DIY head massage may help to ease that muscle tension and increase scalp health in the process.

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Renowned physiotherapist and acupuncturist to the stars Renata Nunes has shared an easy-to-follow DIY head massage routine that has the potential to calm your mind, ease muscle tension and boost scalp health in one. Renata shared this DIY head massage routine, aimed at boosting scalp health, on Instagram and captioned it with the following:

'The hair's health in Chinese Medicine represents a very important role. It gives precious clue on the functioning of the body, with a special connection to blood and kidney. Chinese Medicine describes an important association between hair loss and kidney weakness and blood deficiency.'

'The lack of nourishment of the scalp, prolonged emotional stress and the weakness of our essence can manifest with hair loss. A simple video presenting how we can stimulate it. Using medium pressure to stimulate blood and energy circulation.'

'It is very important to breathe and have a good intention while massaging. Relax your shoulders, breath calmly and enjoy it. The sensation should be good and not painful.'

'You can repeat each manoeuvre for 9 times.'

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Renata's scalp massage routine is easy to follow. Once you've got the hang of it it's the sort of thing you can sit back and do mid-Netflix-session, in the shower or just before bed. Let's face it, factoring any form of 'me time' right now is a healthy thing to do. Want to add a tool into the mix? Shop the best scalp massagers below:

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