I Used This Serum For One Week And My Skin Has Never Looked Glowier

A serum which really delivers.

by Marina Avraam |
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Packing 'light' is my idea of a nightmare. The urge to take every single possession with me, including each product that forms my 10-step skincare routine, is real - especially as minimalism is not a word in my vocabulary.

As a former skincare hoarder, I know the struggle of trying to pack for a five-day city break with an 8kg cabin bag. Does the hyaluronic acid get the boot? The retinol? Surely not the Vitamin C? Luckily, Nordic skincare brand fjör's Hydrolytic®️ Serum delivers the ultimate solution. The revolutionary product is an all-in-one skincare solution, promising to diminish dryness, acne, redness and wrinkles, all in one single bottle. Rooted in the Nordic philosophy, the brand empowers us to use fewer products and superior ingredients - and if Matilda Djerf's glowy, infallible skin is anything to go by, the Nordic definitely have it right.

Gone are the days of a 12-step skincare routine, fjör's Hydrolytic®️ Serum comes with a host of benefits. From offering deep hydration, to acting as a shield against pollution, the serum works overtime to protect your skin barrier. It also acts as a gentle exfoliant to help support natural cell turnover, and also claims to be an anti-aging hero, thanks to its blend of peptides, collagen, hyaluronic acid, targeting fine lines and wrinkles. I suffer from frequent breakouts, so I was delighted to learn that the Hydrolytic®️ Enzyme helps to maintain a healthy skin microbiome, too, promoting a balanced ecosystem of bacteria on my skin and improving its resilience.

My skin has been somewhat problematic as of late, so when fjör's Hydrolytic®️ Serum landed on my desk, I was instantly taken by its endless promises and eager (read: bursting with enthusiasm) to do anything to resolve my endless skin dramas.

My review of fjör’s Hydrolytic®️ Serum:

As recommended, I applied one to two drops of the serum on clean skin before applying my moisturiser and SPF in the morning and once before bed. Initial thoughts, the serum has the easiest applicator I've ever experienced (packaging matters) and the serum has a slight oily feel at first. It left my skin feeling a little bit on the sticky side, which I wasn't sure about at first, but from experience of trying countless serums, I know that a tacky finish can actually help retain more moisturise in the skin. As soon as I applied my moisturiser the sticky feeling immediately disappeared.

After using the serum for one week day and night, I can honestly say my skin feels brighter, less prone to breakouts and firmer than before. My skin texture has evened out nicely, and I find myself reaching for my heavy-duty concealer less and less. I've also really enjoyed cutting down on my usual four serums in favour of just one, and although I still indulge in the occasional deep 12-step routine, fjör’s serum has solved all my (over) packing problems for the near future.

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What we love about fjör

  • Simple, no-fuss skincare with fewer products and simpler ingredients.

  • All fjör skincare is backed by the Hydrolytic®️ Enzyme, a revolutionary ingredient that strengthens your skin barrier, balances the microbiome and speeds up natural cell renewal via exfoliation.

  • fjör works hard to reduce its carbon footprint, over-consumption and pledges to use ecological ingredients with minimal impact on the planet.

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