Father’s Day Grooming Gifts That He Will Really Thank You For

Products so good you'll want to steal them.

Father's Day grooming gifts

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Father’s Day comes slap-bang in the middle of the year when the weather (in theory) gets warmer and we attempt to discard a few more layers. It’s an ideal time to gift the Dad (or father figure) in your life some fabulous grooming fits. An instant getaway scent, or a fab facial cleanser, even if the final destination is only the back garden or local bar.

It's a fact that dads love a good fragrance or aftershave, but it's also a fact that most men's skincare routines comprises of soap and water. With that in mind, Father's Day is the perfect time to help them switch things up with some high-quality products to help transform their grooming routine.

If you're opting for scents, things might get tricky, especially when buying for a man who may be wedded to his ‘signature scent’. It is however a rare chance to properly consider the recipient - their tastes, their interests and their appetite to try new things. Buying the right fragrance is a gift that keeps on giving. It can last months and with any luck, the wearer will think of you every time they spritz and when they get compliments on how good they smell!

There is a bewildering amount of products in-store and online and this can lead to choice anxiety. There are all the designer offerings, let alone the niche and indie brands vying for your hard-earned cash. Without wishing to over-generalise, men can be reluctant to move away from the familiar (and I speak as one of them!) On the positive side, the gift-giver has the rare chance to introduce new things and expand the perfume horizons.

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A good starting point is to note what kind of scent the recipient wears most on a daily basis. Knowing this will give a steer on their favoured fragrance family - whether it’s fresh, floral, woody or amber-based. Think of it as the equivalent of knowing whether someone prefers white, rose, red or sparkling wine. You can also search online for perfumes that share some similar notes to one you know they already like. This allows them to try something new but in a managed way - and lessens the likelihood of a ‘fragrance fail.’

Using interests and places of significance to the person is another good tip for gift giving. There’s often a strong narrative with fragrance - especially the more niche brands - and this can be a useful source of inspiration. There are brands that are perfect for music lovers (such as Jusbox and D.S & Durga), or perfumes that highlight a significant place or city. Whatever it might be - art, cars, history, literature, sport, fashion - there’s a perfume for every passion.

Some of the choices below may be more than you want to spend on a single item, so it’s worth remembering that many brands also sell discovery sets - small tester bottles of the range, the cost of which can often then be redeemed against a full-size purchase. There are also home fragrances, body and shaving/grooming products. So if, for example, a full bottle of Acqua di Parma is over-budget then there are many more reasonably priced items in their ‘Barbiere’ range like body washes, shampoos and shave creams that would make perfect presents and add a real sense of luxury to daily bathroom rituals.

Here’s a selection of ideas for the best grooming gifts for Father’s Day 2022. (Sunday 19th June in the UK.)

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Jo Malone London Forest Moss Cologne1 of 19

Jo Malone London Forest Moss Cologne, £56

Jo Malone has released five limited edition scents this summer inspired by wild swimming. Forest Moss is an ideal pick for Father's Day with its verdant freshness, as though you're heading through a dense forest to a crystal clear river to cool off. The 30ml bottle is also a perfect size to pack in a holiday washbag or to take to the gym. Dive in!

fathers day grooming gifts2 of 19

Dior, Sauvage Eau de Parfum, £54.50

If your Dad bolts past a fragrance hall faster than you can say Toblerone, you'd do well to acquaint him with this crowd-pleasing spritz. It's practically impossible for anyone to not like the bergamot and vanilla absolute blend in Dior Sauvage which is exactly why it's one of the best-selling men's fragrances in the world right now. It's sophisticated and has its say in a non-shouty way, sound familiar?

Issey Miyake, Nuit Du2019Issey Eau de Toilette, £22, House of Fraser3 of 19

Issey Miyake, Nuit D’Issey Eau de Toilette, £32.40

And if you're really gunning for favourite child spot, double up your gifting with a night scent. Issey Miyake Nuit D'Issey EDT is all dark spices, leather and woods, and has 'dapper Dad' written all over it.

LOOKFANTASTIC x Mankind Father's Day Beauty Box4 of 19

LOOKFANTASTIC x Mankind Father's Day Beauty Box, £50

In collaboration with Mankind, Lookfantastic is bringing you a complete Father's Day grooming collection for an easy and seamless routine. The box contains 11 essential grooming products, as well as two fragrances for men, with standout brands including Cera Ve, Medik8, Elemis and more.

Acqua di Parma Colonia C.L.U.B. Eau de Cologne,5 of 19

Acqua di Parma Colonia C.L.U.B. Eau de Cologne, £71.40

C.L.U.B. from Acqua di Parma (C is for Community, L for Life, U for Unique and B for Bond - in case you're wondering!) is an uplifting gender-free fragrance that takes the Colonia series in a new direction. There's still the trademark citrus brightness, but a diversion in the heart notes to a more aromatic profile with rosemary, shiso leaf, black pepper and pink berries. Another hit from the Italian masters and a modern, vibrant addition to the collection.

Aesop Moroccan Neroli Shaving Duet6 of 19

Aesop Moroccan Neroli Shaving Duet, £61

How to subtly tell him he needs to up his shaving act? Buy him Aesop's Moroccan Neroli Shaving Duet, which features a serum to prep and a lotion to soothe skin post-shave. Other women in his life will thank you too.

Atelier Materi Poivre Pomelo Eau de Parfum7 of 19

Atelier Materi Poivre Pomelo Eau de Parfum, £195

Another sunshine-filled summer scent is Poivre Pomelo and if your French is a bit rusty, it's grapefruit and pepper that are the heroes here. Atelier Materi was established in 2019 in France and has an ethos of 'slow luxury'. There's real craftsmanship and minimalist elegance in the design (the concrete caps are burnished by hand) and only the finest raw materials are used. The zing of the grapefruit works in counter-point with Timut pepper and cradled in a base of vetiver and maté tea. Even though some citrus-led fragrances can fade quite quickly, this one has real staying power. If your recipient likes his scents fresh and vibrant, this is a good option from a brand that is making waves in perfumery.

Re-charge Black Pepper & Tobacco Absolute Shower Gel Gift Set8 of 19

Re-charge Black Pepper & Tobacco Absolute Shower Gel Gift Set, £44

Featuring infusions of Madagascan black pepper and woody tobacco, Molton Brown's shower gel duo will have him feeling and smelling better than ever.

Akro - Ink £1409 of 19

Akro - Ink, £140

The Akro range of perfumes explores addictions (such as chocolate, smoking, coffee and sex) and its latest offering Ink is inspired by tattoos. The parallels between tattoos and perfume are obvious - an instant reminder of a place and time, something to wear on the skin as an expression of how you feel, of your passions and interests - but does it work as a scent? It's a 'yes' from me. It is shot through with black ink that's deep, dark and alluring. There's also jasmine, bringing a subtle floral note and vetiver, acting as way of stitching it all together into a coherent whole. This singular vision of perfumery won't be for everyone, but a great choice for a more 'rock & roll' Dad.

Kiehl's Nourishing Beard Grooming Oil10 of 19

Kiehl's Nourishing Beard Grooming Oil, £25

If your Dad's skincare routine involves a bar of soap and nothing else, it's time to introduce him to Kiehl's - the ultimate gateway brand to convert even the most stubborn of skincare sceptics. If he boasts some facial fuzz, go for Kiehl's 99.8% Naturally Derived Nourishing Beard Grooming Oil which uses Pracaxi oil to tame hairs alongside exfoliating salicylic acid to do away with dead skin (read: 'beardruff').

Rituals Invigorating Routine11 of 19

Rituals Invigorating Routine, £34.90

Rituals is our skincare obsession, and the Invigorating Routine set will help your old man start his day right. The set includes two shower gels, a body moisturiser and a face scrub to help up his skincare routine and leave him feeling as fresh-faced as ever.

Cartier Du00e9claration Haute Frau00eecheur Eau de Toilette,12 of 19

Cartier Déclaration Haute Fraîcheur Eau de Toilette, £56.95

Cartier has released a new spin on its 'Declaration' eau de toilette, this time with the freshness dialled up. The perfumer Mathilde Laurent has created something light, spring-like but with a spicy cardamom kick. An ideal gift for the elegant sophisticate in your life and just look at that bottle! Stunning.

fathers day grooming gifts13 of 19

L’Occitane, Cedrat Stick Deodorant, £18

If you're certain your considered gift will simply get abandoned in the Dad drawer, go down the practical route with L'Occitane Cedrat Stick Deodorant. Formulated without aluminium salts (which block sweat ducts and can be absorbed into the skin naturally), it's a gentle yet effective formula that smells seriously good.

Clinique For Men Daily Hydration Set14 of 19

Clinique For Men Daily Hydration Set, £26

The only three skincare products he'll ever need, Clinique's hydration set includes a charcoal wash to cleanse his face, a face scrub, as well as a moisturising lotion for all-day hydration.

Woodland Moss Eau De Parfum,15 of 19

Woodland Moss Eau De Parfum, £95

Woodland Moss is one of a duo of debut fragrances from body & skincare brand Bamford. The fragrances have been created together with esteemed perfumer Lyn Harris. Woodland Moss brings together patchouli with aromatic notes and a stunning verdancy. This would make a perfect gift a man who loves the countryside and the natural world. It's an elegant, understated fragrance that holds close the skin.

Redken Brews Mens Daily Shampoo 300ml16 of 19

Redken Brews Mens Daily Shampoo 300ml, £16.10

The instant appeal: looks like a beer bottle. The genius trick: it's actually a shampoo, conditioner and body wash in one. Well played, Redken.

Amouage Interlude Man Eau De Parfum17 of 19

Amouage Interlude Man Eau De Parfum, £204

Amouage is a premium perfume brand from the Sultanate of Oman. It has gained a (deserved) reputation for the luxury and modernity of its fragrances. There's an opulence and sophistication about Interlude Man - and Amouage uses the highest quality raw materials - the bright bergamot and pimento berry opening settling into a rich leather, patchouli, oud and sandalwood base. One for a man who is unafraid of making a statement - and the statement starts with "I smell damn fine!"

Maison Crivelli Iris Malikhu00e2n Eau de Parfum18 of 19

Maison Crivelli Iris Malikhân Eau de Parfum, £75

The focus of Maison Crivelli is on understatement, wearability and the finest ingredients. Fragrances that bear the stamp of their founder in their singularity, clarity and modernity - and are all inspired by his sensorial memories. Iris Malikhan is a superb (and much-hyped) entry point into the brand. The powdery iris and bitter green of the galbanum contrasting beautifully with leather and milky vanilla. It's a mercurial perfume that evolves and shifts, at first delicate and floral, then buttery and warm. A choice for a confident man who needs to be prepared for the compliments!

Hermu00e8s Terre du2019Hermu00e8s Eau Givru00e9e Eau de Parfum Refillable19 of 19

Hermès Terre d’Hermès Eau Givrée Eau de Parfum Refillable, £71

The original Terre D'Hermes is iconic and has graced the shelves of many stylish men. With the new Eau Givrée edition, Hermes has accentuated the fresher notes but ensured they have an intensity and power. There is juniper berry and Timut pepper at the front of the fragrance then a cooler mineral quality emerges. For fans of the original who are ready for a new kid on the block.

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