Drew Barrymore Is Unrecognisable In This Face Mask That She And The Kardashian Sisters Swear By

‘Slather one on, get tiiiiiiigggghhht, and voila!’

Drew Barrymore Face Mask

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Self-proclaimed beauty junkie and founder of her very own make-up brand, Flower Beauty, Drew Barrymore is a bounty of beauty knowledge. Which is why, when she shares her skincare secrets, we want in. Taking to her Instagram just this week, Drew shared a video with her 13.4 million followers showcasing the hilarious effects of her go-to skin treatment – the Hanacure Face Mask, $29. As part of her #beautyjunkieweek (that’s right, she’ll be divulging her beauty must-haves all week) Barrymore captioned the video: ‘Let’s get her started with @hanacure because it gets the job done! Intsa facial!!!!!! I swear by it!’ And she’s not the only one, the Kardashian sisters are also obsessed with this skincare mask.

What Exactly Is The Hanacure Face Mask, And Why The Hype?

First of all, the reason it looks so funny (and somewhat scary) is because the Lifting Serum and Gelling Solution tighten as they dry - pulling and lifting the skin into an unnatural expression. For Drew, her top lip looks notably fuller and her eyelids are pulled taut. But the results, according to the actress, are totally worth it - 'Slather one on, get tiiiiiiigggghhht, and voila! A professional level treatment at home. Trust!'

As for ingredients, the gel-like mask features hydrating sodium hyaluronate (a derivate of hyaluronic acid), skin-loving peptides and a rare ‘ruby of the forest’ mushroom extract that brightens and is anti-inflammatory. This powerhouse combo, along with the tightening effect, are said to address fine line & wrinkles, lifting & firming, hyperpigmentation, dullness, large pore, clogged pores, clarifying and detoxifying. Sounds good, right?

The downside? It's only available in the US, however, they will ship overseas for an extra cost.

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