Chrissy Teigen’s Fake Tan Disaster Sums Up Our Summer

We’ve all been there…

chrissy teigen, fake tan fail, snapchat

by Grazia |

When it comes to social media, Chrissy Teigen doesn’t hold back. From calling out Instagram trolls, to sharing her ‘stretchies' and documenting her pregnancy – she is the queen of social reality and that’s why she’s one of our faves on social media.

Now Chrissy Teigen has just summed up our summer struggles by sharing a hilarious fake tan crime scene on Snapchat.

The new mum Snapchatted an outline of her body (yes, a perfectly outlined orange body) on her sheets after she had fake tanned. And the results are fitting of an episode of CSI…

chrissy teigen, fake tan fail, snapchat
Snapchat: chrissyteigen ©Snapchat: chrissyteigen

It’s good to know that even Chrissy suffers beauty fails, and that whilst she’s been privy to a fair few pro- beauty tips throughout her modeling career, when it comes to fake tanning, spray tan ALWAYS WINS.

She also just got real on Twitter about the logistical challenges of spray tanning vs. breast pumping. Oh Chrissy, keeping it real on Twitter since 2009.

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