Chrissy Teigen And John Legend’s Baby Is The Best Dancer

These two. We just can’t.

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by Katie Rosseinsky |

When it comes to posting cute family snaps on social media, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend sort of have the monopoly. Now, Chrissy has stepped things up a level by sharing the most adorable Instagram video of her daughter Luna, dancing to her dad's music.

OK, when we say dancing, we're talking more along the lines of some very sweet head-bopping and arm-waving (Luna is just over a month old, after all) but our hearts are melting all the same.

The whole thing gets even cuter when you realise that Luna is getting her groove on to John's 2013 single 'The Beginning,' which features the lyrics 'Plans to do it 'til we have a baby / Even if the world is crazy / Pick some names, boy or girl.'

Read on for more of John, Chrissy and Luna's sweetest moments so far.

Earlier we wrote...

Just in case you weren’t quite in love with John Legend, this picture that Chrissy just shared on Snapchat ought to do it…

John Legend
Chrissy Teigen/ SNAPCHAT ©Snapchat

Oh, and mum and daughter are pretty darn cute, too.

And while it looks like he’s getting some quality shut-eye from his wife’s post, speaking on the The Today Show this week, John spoke about how he’s coping with the lack of sleep that parenthood involves.

[Luna] is doing really well. We do sleep less but I’m just adjusting.

“I think people have been having kids for a long time, we’re not the first people to do it and I think your body just figures it out and we’re having a great time.”

Glad to hear it, Mr Legend.

On 12 May, we wrote...

It can't be denied that John Legend is a hands on dad – something he is keen to point out, even if it means absorbing criticism over his parenting skills, from various social media trolls.

He and his beautiful model wife Chrissy Teigen were photographed going out for dinner shortly after Chrissy had given birth to their daughter, Luna Simone. The following day, Chrissy tweeted:

'Went to dinner. People are pissed. Good morning!'

And later:

'"i never wanted to leave my daughter, i love her, BUT THAT'S JUST ME" - the passive aggressiveness is real!'

That happened in April, yet it seems the Twittersphere still can't get over it. So much so, that John felt compelled to post this yesterday:

Standing up for his wife, standing out as a dad, oh John... legend by name, legend by nature we say.

On 21st April we wrote...

Well, mum posted one, so it's only fair that dad should post one too...

Yesterday, we woke to the news that Chrissy Teigen had posted a snap of her baby daughter Luna, and today we find her husband, John Legend, has done the same.

The All Of Me singer posted a photograph to Instagram of his daughter looking bright-eyed and alert whilst lying on a pillow.

The pic didn't have a caption, but then again, when your baby is this cute, who needs one...?

On 20th April we wrote...

Swiftly following the exciting news that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have had a daughter, we've now been treated to a snap of the baby girl!

Taking to Instagram, Chrissy posted a picture of herself cradling her baby, simply captioning it: 'hi my lulu!'.

Her daughter's name is in fact 'Luna', so it appears Chrissy has wasted no time in finding her a nickname. The baby has dark hair, like her father John, and weighing in at 6lb and 11 ounces at birth, is adorably cute.

Find out more about her arrival – and how she got her name – by reading on below...

On 18th April we wrote...

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend - aka one of the sweetest, most relatable couples in Hollywood - have welcomed their first child, and they've given her a truly magical name.

Luna Simone Stephens (because - spoiler alert - 'Legend' is not John's real name) was born on Thursday 14th April, with John taking to Twitter to announce the news on Sunday, adding that he and his wife 'couldn't be happier.'

While the couple are yet to release any cute snaps of the newborn, Chrissy posted a shot of a digital scale on her Instagram account, revealing Luna to weigh 6lb and 11 ounces.

'We are so in love with you!' she wrote, before adding, 'And sleepy. Very sleepy.'

Chrissy, who is known for her laidback approach to social media - who doesn't love her hilarious Twitter exchanges? - tweeted in characteristically tongue-in-cheek style: 'To everyone asking, John is healing perfectly. We are so happy and excited! I dunno what to tweet now. Does my twitter change? This is so awkward.' Never change Chrissy, never change.

Teigen previously revealed that she recruited none other than the leader of the free world to help win her husband round to one of her baby name choices. Speaking on The Late Show, the model and presenter said 'I asked President Obama if he like one of our name choices and he said he did. I wanted to ask him because John isn't sold on the name so I figured that if the president liked it, then John would be sold on it.'

She also explained that John had initially believed the name to be 'too Hollywood,' adding 'I realised I should have come up with two so he could pick one.' It's not clear whether Chrissy got her way in the end, but this name will certainly get the seal of approval from Harry Potter fans.

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