‘This Is My Favourite Scent In The World’: Billie Eilish On Her Brand New Fragrance

Billie Eilish is launching an eponymous perfume and here's everything you need to know

Billie Eilish Fragrances

by Annie Vischer |

Billie Eilish is launching a fragrance, an eponymous scent - the perfume is called Eilish - that will hit online beauty shelves this November. According to beauty title Allure, who spoke to Billie and managed to preview the perfume in early October, Eilish is all sweet vanilla, tonka bean, cocoa, musk and berries. If you've got a sweet nose, this could be for you.

And if you're on the verge of dismissing Billie's foray into fragrance as yet another bottle of same-same scent that a celebrity has slapped their name on then hang fire. Billie tells Allure, 'I had the idea [to create a fragrance] a million years ago, I have always wanted to do this,' and she knew exactly what it should smell like too, 'I was chasing this one scent that I had in my head of vanilla, amber, musk, cocoa, rose, and wood.' Beauty brand Parlux - they have produced fragrances for the likes of Paris Hilton and Sophia Vergara - were reportedly the first company to follow Billie's exacting specifications to the letter and get her coveted seal of approval. Enter Eilish.

Billie was just as particular when it came to the design of the bottle. The dark gold bust sculpture that cuts off just above the nose is visible in the Eilish campaign images that Billie teased on Instagram this week (in her caption she cited Eilish as her 'favourite scent in the world). The neck and clavicles take centre stage on the figurine, a reflection of Billie's fascination with the same areas - 'I've always been infatuated by necks and collarbones and back muscles and shoulders and armpits', she tells Allure - and her desire to celebrate beauty without over-sexualising it, 'it's not really supposed to be physically sexy. It's almost supposed to be mentally sexy.'

Read Allure's interview with Billie Eilish in full here.

Will You Be Able To Buy Billie Eilish's Perfume In The UK?

Eilish will be sold on www.shopuk.billieeilish.com, a site that offers up numerous ways to buy into Billie, from vinyls to logo T-shirts, jewellery and beyond. From November you'll also be able to scoop up a bottle of Eilish and yes, get it delivered to the UK. The website states that you can expect to wait between one and seven working days for delivery.

Main image credits: Billie Eilish Fragrances.

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