The Best Slogan Candles To Buy This Valentine’s Day

And yes, Gwyneth's 'This Smells Like My Vagina Candle' is back in stock

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Whether Valentine's Day does it for you or not, few can argue against the value of a decent slogan candle. Scented candles have long been in favour but slogan candles only really hit the big time a few years ago.

Gwyneth Paltrow boosted their popularity even further, back in 2020, when she teamed up with perfumer Douglas Little to create a candle fragrance. Beauty legend has it that, when sniffing a sample, Gwyneth exclaimed, 'this smells like my vagina!' and the name simply stuck. Enter a slogan candle the world would not quickly forget. It sold out in a matter of hours, but happens to be back in stock this month. Find out more and shop the sensation below:

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If you're not willing to part with £70 for the sake of a slogan candle, or perhaps you'd prefer more of a restrained saying, there are plenty of other options up for grabs. Shop our pick of the bunch below:

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Best Slogan Candles - Grazia 2022

Bella Freud Psychoanalysis Candle1 of 8

Bella Freud Psychoanalysis Candle, £45

Bella Freud is as famed for her quirky candles as she is for her slogan sweaters. If you love toughened-up floral scents this one's for you. Expect notes of neroli, lilac, tobacco and amber.

Damselfly Good Things Scented Candle2 of 8

Damselfly Good Things Scented Candle, £48

A coconut soy based black wax candle housed in a matte glass cup, this luxe candle is poured in Australia and smells like a blend of orange peel, pear, bergamot, vanilla and white musk.

Damselfly So Much Love Scented Candle3 of 8

Damselfly So Much Love Scented Candle, £48

The fragrance, again, is made up of white musk, vanilla notes and citrus florals. It's made with Damselfly's signature coconut soy wax and offers up to 60 hours burning time.

Damselfly Motherhood Scented Candle4 of 8

Damselfly Motherhood Scented Candle, £48

Buying for a mum? This candle is the perfect gift. It even has 'you're killing it' emblazoned on the back too. Talk about a pick-me-up.

Cardsome Blow Me Scented Candle5 of 8

Cardsome Blow Me Scented Candle. £59

If you're after a cheekier slogan, look no further than Norwegian brand Cardsome. This one smells of Sichuan pepper, violet, tonka bean, vetiver, lavender and black pepper.

Cardsome Dark Love Scented Candle6 of 8

Cardsome Dark Love Scented Candle, £59

After a fresher candle scent? Try this one. Expect notes of eucalyptus, leafy greens, orange, fir bark, cedarwood and incense.

Damselfly Babe Stellar Candle7 of 8

Damselfly Babe Stellar Candle, £48

This range of Damselfly candles aims to inspire a kaleidoscope of 90s nostalgia. It boasts top notes of blackberry, lemon and rose, middle notes of tuberose, cherry blossom and jasmine, and a base of white musk, sandalwood , amber and tiger lily.

Damselfly Hello Stellar Candle8 of 8

Damselfly Hello Stellar Candle, £48

An eye-catching pastel soy candle held in an iridescent cup. It's hand poured in Australia and offers a coconut, star anise and heliotrope laden scent.

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