The Best Beauty Gadgets Worth Investing In

From at-home sports massagers to glow-giving LED masks, it's time to maximise your 'me time'...

Beauty Gadgets

by Annie Vischer |

It's no secret that beauty gadgets come at a price but the best are well worth the spend, especially when it comes to maximising your 'me time'. With a wealth of beauty gadgets and technology on offer right now it can be tricky to navigate the array of beauty tech buys that the industry is serving up. Luckily for you, though, we've done the legwork already. The Grazia beauty team has tried almost every piece of beauty gadgetry going and these are the ones that came up trumps. From LED light therapy face masks to laser hair removal devices, meet the top notch gadgets that are worth investing in.

If your chosen beauty gadget can match the results of a more expensive treatment, it's worth buying

Still need a bit of convincing when it comes to the cost? Think of it this way. Laser hair removal. Always wanted to try it? Or maybe you've completed a course and are thinking about booking a few more sessions to finish the job off. A course of six sessions for your lower legs typically costs upwards of £700, and that doesn't guarantee that every hair will have vanished at the end.

The Phillips Lumea Prestige IPL Hair Removal Device comes in at almost half that cost (£399.99 to be precise) and there's no limit placed upon how much you can use it. Sure, regulations dictate that the strength of the laser cannot match that of a bookable service, but that becomes less relevant when you consider how consistently you are able to put it to use. The effects of using this laser three times a week on your legs could match the results gained by a once-a-week laser hair removal appointment. You see our logic?

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The same thinking can be applied to LED light therapy masks (LED light therapy sessions don't come cheap), and face massagers - just think what you spent on your last facial. If your chosen beauty gadget can match the results of a more expensive treatment, it's worth buying.

Point taken? Let's take a look at the good stuff...

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Best Beauty Gadgets
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New and exclusive to Harrods Beauty, the US favourite Drybar has finally landed on British soil, and brought with it some seriously covetable, high tech tools. The double shot dryer brush boasts a slick, ergonomic design that uses Ionic technology to reduce frizz and increase shine, while the vents and oval shape ensure maximum air flow for an effective, quick dry. Salon results in an instant.

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Prestige by name and prestige by nature, as by all accounts this electric toothbrush is the Rolls Royce of oral care. This advanced brush comes with an AI-powered app and adapts to your brushing style, sensing your pressure, time and motion, it can change rhythm accordingly to get the best clean, and give real time guidance via the app. The best part? It even charges via USB cable, so its the perfect travel brush for when you're on the go.

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Trending on Cult Beauty, Higherdose' Infrared blanket promises all of the indulgent bliss of a sauna from the comfort of your home. It does come with a hefty price tag, but working out the cost per use compared to regular spa trips, might just make this worth investing in for the long term. Simply lay down in the blanket (much like a sleeping bag) and as the temperature rises, so will your body's thermal energy, promoting an increase in blood flow and sweating out toxins, helping you to get a glow from within.

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Small but mighty, all you need is a UNI and the Réduit pod of your choice for a moisturising mist of one of the concentrated formulas (there's clear dew, ageless mist and pearl diffusion to choose from). And, you can even swap out a skinpod for a hairpod for weightless, conditioned hair all from the same device.

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Peep Club's eye wand gently heats to up to 42 degrees and can be used along the lower lid from the inner to outer corner (where you might use under eye patches) to unblock glands, promote circulation and stimulate collagen. Goodbye dry, tired eyes and fine lines!

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Laser hair removal appointments come at a cost. Once you tot up the price of a course of treatments, you soon realise how much of an investment this piece of tech is.

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LED light therapy is well known to have skin benefits when it comes to calming acne, boosting brightness and increasing the production of collagen. Time was it was only available via a bookable treatment or as part of a facial, but masks like these mean that you can get similar results at home. It might look expensive but if you have found the treatments work for you, then this is well worth an investment. The plus of this one over others? It's lightweight and bendy, making it far more compact than other options.

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These beauty baubles are made using artisan glass blowing techniques which means they don't have a seam. That comes in handy when you realised they're intended for smoothing over the delicate skin around your eyes. Once refrigerated apply a serum and smooth them around your eyes to de-puff. Try them once and you'll be hooked.

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This is the queen of all cleansing brushes. It's non-porous silicone bristles are incredibly hygienic and perfect for those with sensitive skin. Use alongside your cleanser if you're keen to go the extra mile. The vibrations work to massage and boost skin's circulation too. It's entirely worth the spend.
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Take charge of your own physical wellbeing and relieve tension with this Theragun's professional grade massage gun.

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This one's another Jennifer Aniston favourite! It uses micro-current technology for a facial massage and workout, clinically proven to improve facial contours and skin tone.

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It's a purifying facial steamer that emits nano-sized particles of steam to deeply penetrate the skin. If you plan pamper evenings on the regular and are committed to deep cleansing and brightening, this is the beauty gadget for you.

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Serious about your skin? Then you've probably already heard of Face Gym - the ultimate workout for your facial muscles that delivers instant results. To try a workout at home, invest in this starter kit and follow one of their videos on Instagram. The results are VERY impressive.

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This T-bar tool replicates the effect of a face massage via vibrations. It's beloved by the A-list likes of Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow and is about as dinky as beauty gadgets come. Oh and did we mention it's plated with 24k gold? Yeah. That too.

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This one doesn't require quite as much spend! It's a razor that is specifically designed to prevent irritation when shaving hair in the public region. The blades are placed to cut the hairs whilst barely touching the skin. Use alongside the new Venus For Pubic Hair 2-in-1 Cleanser and Shave Gel, £6.66, for a smooth irritation-free shave. Use across the top of your pubic hair and along the sides only and save those tricker areas for the pros!

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