The Best At-Home Waxing Kits For Summer-Ready Skin

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As we finally start to see longer, sunnier days, we'll be meticulously planning out our summer outfits and getting ourselves ready for the sunshine. For many of us, hair removal is a crucial part of summer vacation prep - but there are more options that you may think. While you might automatically reach for your trusty razor, waxing offers far more skin benefits, and at-home waxing kits make it simpler than ever before.

While it may seem daunting, you'll be happy to know that you can experience the benefits of waxing in the comfort of our homes. Investing in one of the best at-home waxing kits will let you recreate a salon-like experience without any of the anxiety - or awkwardness. Plus, it's more budget-friendly than heading to the salon. From stripless kits, to spatulas, there are a variety of ways to wax that could work perfectly for you.

Grazia's Best At-Home Waxing Kits At A Glance:

Best at-home waxing kit overall: Mylee Complete Waxing Kit, £49.99 on Amazon

Best face and body at-home waxing kit: Veet Pure Oriental Hot Wax Body & Face Floral Vanilla, £10.99 on Boots

Best stripless at-home waxing kit: Mylee Coconut and Arnica Stripless Wax Kit, £57.99 on LookFantastic

While laser hair removal is the dream for long-term hair removal, a good at-home waxing kit can work wonders for your skin and help you achieve long-lasting results. There are kits for your legs, bikinis and facial hair, helping you achieve the utmost precision. From brands like Mylee, Veet and Nad's, keep reading for our pick of the best at-home waxing kits to get your skin summer-ready.

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Best at-home waxing kit overall

Mylee is a trusted brand for at-home waxing and its complete waxing kit is the perfect way to get introduced to waxing. This kit has everything you need to remove the hair on sensitive body areas, including facial hair removal. Great for sensitive skin, the wax, pre-care and after-care lotion is infused with aloe vera for a gentle, soothing effect on the skin.


  • Complete with pre and after-care treatments
  • Built-in thermo sensor for safety


  • Application might take a few attempts on sensitive skin

Best face and body at-home waxing kit

Veet Pure Oriental Hot Wax Body & Face Floral VanillaVeet

Veet knows a thing or two about home waxing, and this at-home hot wax kit is perfect for both your face and body. Enriched with essential oils, Veet's hot wax is designed to nourish and protect the skin as it removes hair. The gentle formula removes hair, leaving your skin super moisturised for up to four weeks. Simply heat in the microwave for 40 seconds for the wax to reach the optimum temperature.


  • Quick heat up time
  • Spatula allows for precise application


  • Product may need replenishing more often

Best stripless at-home waxing kit

It's another waxing kit from Mylee - is anyone surprised? This stripless waxing kit works wonders on both face and body. This portable kit combines stripless wax beads and a heater, using coconut and arnica to care for the skin as it waxes. We love that this is suitable for all skin types, and that there are pre and post-treatments included, too.


  • Suitable for skin types
  • Pre and post-treatment included


  • Bulky to store

Best natural at-home waxing kit

Nad's 100% Natural Sugar Wax KitNad's
Price: $12.99
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Walmart$14.73View offer

Ideal for delicate skin, Nad's natural, no-heat wax allows you to achieve silky smooth skin with results designed to last for up to five weeks. The 100% vegan formula is perfect for those looking to wax any delicate areas including facial areas, arms or bikini line. A pre-wax cleansing soap is included to ensure the skin is primed and prepped ready for a flawless finish. Many reviewers love this waxing alternative and some have hailed it as the best product on the market.


  • 100% vegan formula
  • Pre-wax cleansing soap included


  • Not heated

Best at-home waxing kit for sensitive skin

Tress Wellness Waxing KitTress
Price: $55.50

Recreate a professional salon-style treatment in the comfort of your home with the Tress Wellness waxing kit. The stripless wax ensures you aren't left with irritation or a patchy finish, so it scores major points from us. The kit comes complete with five premium scented bean packs, depending on your mood. Reviewers rave about it as the perfect waxing kit for beginners.


  • Great option for sensitive skin
  • Ideal for at-home bikini wax


  • Clean up may be messy

Best affordable at-home waxing kit

Rio's Total Body Hair Removal Kit has everything you need for smooth skin and nail at-home hair removal. Ideal for all hair types, this kit includes a wax heater, three hard wax tablets, soft wax, spatulas, paper strips and remover alongside full instructions. We love how easy this is to use, and you can use this kit for both facial hair and bikini.


  • Both spatulas and paper strips included
  • Can be used on both facial hair and bikini line


  • Hair needs trimming before use

What are the variations of at-home wax?

There are a variety of different wax kits on the market, including stripless, spatulas and strips. Depending on whether your skin is sensitive or prone to irritation, it's important to choose the right wax for you. Typically, sensitive skin suits a gentle wax formula with kind ingredients such as aloe vera or coconut. It's also important to note the variations of wax depending on the areas of the body you want to remove hair. Hard or hot wax typically works better for facial and intimate hair whereas strip wax works on larger body areas like your arms and legs.

More needed - what if you don't have sensitive skin? Add something in about making sure to pick the right formula for skin type and body part (ie bikini vs legs vs armpits) - which is the best for each?

How to prepare your skin before waxing

According to Boots, the best way to prep your skin before waxing is to cleanse and exfoliate. For any hot wax, it's important to cleanse the area first and apply some kind of body oil as a barrier. This ensures the hot wax grabs the hairs from the skin without causing irritation. For wax strips, it's advised to remove any moisture from the skin. This could be by using talcum powder after cleansing to make sure your skin is dry enough for the wax to leave a seamless result.

If you're using hot wax - don't forget to test the temperature on your wrist prior to use to avoid burns.

How to look after your skin after waxing

Your skin might feel slightly more sensitive after waxing but don't worry - that's normal! According to tanning and salon-staple brand Sienna X it's important to avoid any swimming pools, saunas and jacuzzis for 24 hours and make sure your skin is moisturised to soothe any dryness. Don't forget to wear loose fitting clothing if you've waxed your bikini area - preferably cotton underwear also.

What are the benefits of waxing vs shaving?

While waxing seems like a painful way to remove unwanted hair, it has many benefits. Not only does it last longer than shaving as it pulls the hair out from the root, but you'll be less prone to dreaded in-grown hairs and itchy red bumps. Shaving is a cheaper way to remove hair, but time is money, and when you have to do it every day, it can become a chore we'd rather go without.

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