I’m A Beauty Editor And This Is The £3 Wellness Habit I’m Suddenly Obsessed With

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I have hit on a wellness habit that's cheap, fuss-free and benefit-heavy, and it has everything to do with lymphatic drainage. The A-list likes of Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner and Elle Macpherson all swear by lymphatic drainage massage and, though the success of massage-focused brands like Face Gym prove the benefits of the technique when performed as part of a facial, lymphatic drainage is not just for your face.

Full-body lymphatic drainage treatments not only feel great - take it from me - they help to ease water retention too, which leads to less visible puffiness and bloating. Flavia Morellato, London's leading lymphatic drainage expert explains, 'lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage technique used to accelerate your body's detoxing processes and release water retention,' she says, 'after the massage the excess fluid gets filtered through your kidneys and flushed out in your urine.'

Yes, booking in for a full-body lymphatic drainage session with a professional offers quick de-bloating results, but there is a habit you can adopt that offers some of the same benefits too, and it's surprisingly inexpensive. 'Dry body brushing tends to be the closest you can get to DIY full-body lymphatic drainage,' Morellato told me after treating to one of her iconic full-body lymphatic drainage massages at home.

I began dry body brushing in earnest, devoting a few minutes a day to it before showering, and I've kept it up. Months on and I'm hooked.


My Top Tips For Dry Body Brushing At Home

I begin slowly with long, gentle strokes across dry skin directed towards my upper torso and chest. Both your skin and you're body brush should be entirely dry - clue's in the name. If you're guilty of hanging your body brush up in your shower, or leaving it on the side of the bath, rescue it now. I start at my feet and move upwards using low-to-medium pressure. I use circular movements across my stomach - this can aid digestion - and, once above my chest, I direct strokes towards my heart.

I'm a bona fide dry body brushing obsessive. I've never been one for cold showers, I dipped my toe in the Wim Hof fad like everyone else, and as much as it's supposed to be good for you, it just wasn't for me. An acupuncturist soon after told me that I should avoid getting cold, so I took that piece of advice and ran with it. But dry body brushing, that gives me the same stimulation-related benefits without the chills - what's not to love?

As for de-bloating, tempering water retention, I'm sure that it makes a difference, though I do allow that there could be some element of placebo there. What I can tell you, though, is that my mood lifts significantly after every session and my skin feels great, and with body brushes available on Amazon for as little as £3, the practice is somewhat of a no brainer.

Hop On Board The Trend And Buy Your Dry Body Brush Now


Best Body Brushes - Grazia 2022

Mio Body Brush1 of 5

Mio Body Brush, £15

A chunky iteration with the classic strap that makes it easy to keep hold of while you're dry body brushing.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Body Brush Medium2 of 5
CREDIT: Dr. Barbara Sturm

Dr. Barbara Sturm Body Brush Medium, £30

If you're after a show piece look no further. It's tougher than the brand's 'Soft' version, and, of course, the signature branding on the face of the brush screams luxe.

Hydrea London Classic Short Handled Body Brush3 of 5
CREDIT: Hydrea London

Hydrea London Classic Short Handled Body Brush, £8.99

Some prefer a dry body brush with a handle, and there's no denying that it makes reaching your back easier.

Hydrea London Combination Detox Massage Brush4 of 5

Hydrea London Combination Detox Massage Brush, £11.99

Want to up the massage factor? Try a body brush with hard nodules interspersed between the bristles.

Muroad Body Scrub Brush5 of 5
CREDIT: Amazon

Muroad Body Scrub Brush, £3.59

The ultimate budget buy. Countless dry body brushing sessions for the same price as a single Starbucks? Count us in.

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