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Ashley Graham Tanning Tips

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When Ashley Graham talks fake tan tips we listen. Fresh from filming The Ellen Show Ashley joins a small group of British journalists for a Zoom call to talk all things beauty and, of course, fake tan. With McDonald's equivalent of a venti cup of coffee in hand Ashley is all warmth, smiles and sass. Her collaboration with St. Tropez Tan - the St. Tropez Tan x Ashley Graham Limited Edition Ultimate Glow Kit, £38 - sold out pretty instantly when it first launched, which is a mark of how much influence this A-lister wields as well as a sign that when it comes to fake tan Ashley knows what she wants and what she's talking about.

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On The Best Beauty Advice She's Ever Been Given

'The best beauty advice I've ever been given comes from my bother. It's from her heart. It's that life isn't about your exterior it's about your interior. It's about loving who you are in every aspect of your life because we're ever evolving, ever changing. Our faces are changing, our bodies are changing, our skin, the texture of our hair, all of it. My mother has always taught me to love your body in the moment and to love where you are because you will regret not having said that you loved your self 15 or 20 years down the road.'

On Her Daily Affirmations

'I am bold, I am brilliant, I am beautiful, I am worthy of all and I love you. Those are affirmations that I've had for such a long time and they've evolved and changed and come full circle, especially after having a baby.'

On The Power Of A Fake Tan

'I'm not saying this just because I'm promoting it but seriously this St. Tropez Tan x Ashley Graham Limited Edition Ultimate Glow Kit makes me feel like I've got everything together. It's the ultimate accessory. I can have my hair done, my jewellery on and my Ultimate Glow Kit and I feel like I can leave the house a complete person.'

On Discovering Fake Tan

'It was in my late teens and early twenties that I started travelling around the world as a model. I've always been a lingerie and swimsuit model and it's not like I could ever run onto the beach and get a quick tan before a job so I had to figure out that dilemma on my own very quickly. I had to learn how to give myself a quick shave on-the-go without catching myself and I had to learn how to maintain a permanent glow. Fake tan.'

On The Fake Tan Prep

'Everything is about the prep. I exfoliate in the shower and apply a lotion all over my hands, in between my fingers, my elbows, my knees, the backs of my heels, my ankles, any where that's a little dry.'

On The Application

'I start at the bottom and work my way up. It's all about a fake tan mitt. If you're not using a mitt you're sabotaging yourself in so many ways. You have to get the lighting right too. I've set my bathroom up with extra ring lights so that my whole body is highlighted and I can see exactly what I'm doing. Justin will do that hard-to-reach area on my back if he's here - he's got really good at it by the way! - if he's not here I use the St. Tropez Tan Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist, £22, and spray a bunch of it onto my back. It reaches where my hands can't. I spray it onto my hands and my face. I wear that for three hours then I shower and go to bed. I wake up and everything is so even, it's fabulous!'

On Contouring With Fake Tan

'When you're using the Ultimate Glow Kit, if you're a constant contourer, you can take a really fluffy make-up brush and you can subtly contour your face. When the tan develops and you wash off your guide colour you have a gently contoured face already.'

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Ashley Graham Favourite Beauty Products - Grazia 2021

Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist1 of 2

Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist, £22

Ashley spritzes this onto the hard-to-reach areas of her back if her husband Justin isn't there to help her.

St.Tropez Tan x Ashley Graham Limited Edition Ultimate Glow Kit2 of 2

St.Tropez Tan x Ashley Graham Limited Edition Ultimate Glow Kit, £38

This is Ashley's go-to fake tan full stop.

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