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Plus Ashley Graham discusses making time for self-care as a new mum

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The energy that supermodel Ashley Graham brings to a Zoom call is something else. Fresh from filming The Ellen Show and with a large McDonald's coffee in hand Ashley joins a small group of British beauty journalists - Grazia is repping of course - to discuss her latest collaboration with legendary fake tan brand St. Tropez (shop the St. Tropez Tan x Ashley Graham Limited Edition Ultimate Glow Kit, £30.40, here) and conversation inevitably turns to her make-up. 'I saw a picture of Bella Hadid at her sister Gigi's birthday and I was like oh I love that look!', enthuses Ashley, whose kohled eyes and burnt gold shade of shadow are the all the make-up inspo we've been looking for, 'Bella was the inspo for this make-up.'

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Over a year on from giving birth to her baby Isaac, Ashley admits she and her beauty routine are still adjusting to life as a new mother. 'They say motherhood changes you and when I was pregnant I was like "No it won't, I'm going to be the same!" and then the baby comes out and everything changes.'

My morning routine is basically zilch!

'You can be so naive until you meet the kid,' Ashley laughs, 'My morning routine is basically zilch! I just rinse my face with water and throw my serums and my SPF on.' At night Ashley finds that she can afford herself a little more time but still makes a play for multi-tasking beauty buys to save on time, 'I have a bit more time to myself after the baby goes to sleep. I can pamper myself a bit more but even then I'm throwing myself into scripts or speeches or whatever I'm doing at the time. I've pared my routine back so much so if a product is multi-purpose - like the Ultimate Glow Kit, which has vitamin E in it meaning it moisturises as it tans - I know that I'm golden.' Speaking of fake tanning, has Ashley managed to streamline this beauty process too? 'I prep first. I use a lotion between my toes and fingers, on my elbows, knees and the backs of my heels and ankles then I apply my tan working upwards. Great application is all about the tanning mitt. If you're not using a mitt you're sabotaging yourself in so many ways! If Justin isn't home and he can't do my back for me - by the way he's an expert at that now! - I take theSelf Tan Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist, £22, and spray it onto any areas I can't reach on my back. I leave it on for three hours then shower.' Suffering from fake tan related apprehension? Take your tips from Ashley.

St. Tropez x Ashley Graham Limited Edition Ultimate Glow Kit
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Ashley credits fake tan with helping her to cut down on her make-up routine too. 'I don't wear as much make-up during the day because my fave is so tan, you know that feeling?'

Whenever Ashley feels like she's struggling to make time for self-care she takes a business-like approach to the situation and schedules it in. 'My Google Calendar has my life planned out. I will schedule in my solo time whether it's 10 minutes in the morning, my workouts my yoga,' says Ashley with, 'for me, my calendar is everything.'

As for beauty essentials Ashley's all about the odd treatment, practical buys and brows. 'I think that splurging on a facial every once in a blue moon is so great,' says Ashley, 'especially having worn face masks for so long. I love Eucerin Aquaphor Soothing Skin Balm, £9, it's so great and cheap. I was once headed to an event and all I had was this little tube of it. My legs were dry as hell and I put this all over them and they were shiny on the red carpet! That's all that mattered. The Glow Kit makes me feel like I've gotten everything together, it's the ultimate accessory. I can have my hair done, my jewellery on and my ultimate Glow Kit applied and I feel like I can leave the house as a complete person. I also am an eyebrow gel girl. I really feel like if my eyebrows are brushed up the rest of my face is lifted. It's the ultimate facelift.'

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