Logo Nails Are Our Latest Mani Obsession— And Now They’ll Be Yours Too

Forget It bags, the new way to wear your labels is loud and proud - and on your nails...

Logo Nails Are Our Latest Mani Obsession, And They’ll Now Be Yours Too

by Emma Stoddart |

If you've got as much love for the Chanel-logo-look nail art above (courtesy of our nail art Queen Betina Goldstein) then this little known nail trend might be for you. Andy Warhol might have had his tin of Campbell's Tomato Soup, but our favourite new form of artistic expression lies in a new manicure trend. Type #logonails into your Instagram search bar and enjoy the results.

There's all the gloriously fashionable designer suspects on view of course. Many have tried their hand at the Chanel sign, Tommy Hilfiger seems to be a favourite, and how could we forget Louis Vuitton?

Oh and there are a fair few oddballs in the mix. Tobasco sauce for example. Oh and McDonalds - it seems some people's brand loyalty knows no bounds.

There are even sports brands getting into the game, Adidas seems to be exceptionally popular, and we'll admit the results aren't displeasing to the eye. There may be something in sticking to monochrome brands, although you can't fault Maccy D's lurid red and yellow design for acting as a conversation starter - maybe it's something to consider if you're heading out on a first date? Actually, wait. We take that back.

Our one smidgen of advice in this arena? Leave the artsy bit to the pros. A lot of these looks are eye-catching in the best way, but that is ultimately down to the pro finish. What's the point in spending hours trying to slick on a Chanel 'C' only to have it resembling a few black splodges a smudge or two later? Book in with a professional that you know to be nifty with a nail art brush, and snap away at the finished article. And please, please somebody try the McDonald's one. For us.

Where can I get logo nails?

Luckily for Londoners, Townhouse has recently collaborated with Givenchy - offering a logo nail art option on the menu. For an extra £25 on top of your treatment, you can choose between two Givenchy nail art designs - to add a little extra luxury to your mani this summer. Available exclusively at the Townhouse Fitzrovia and Knightsbridge salons until 29th August 2021 - make sure you add the 'Nail Art For All Nails' option when you book in.

Oh and if you do fancy having a go yourself, or brushing up on the craft of nail art, get started with some of these...

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