Kylie Jenner And Daughter Stormi Got Matching Rhinestone Manicures And We Can’t Get Over It

At least Stormi's are a little more practical

Kylie jenner stormi matching manicure

by Laura Capon |

Kylie Jenner is continuing her TikTok takeover, this time by taking us with her to get her nails done with daughter Stormi.

After calling Instagram out by sharing a post that said 'Make Instagram Instagram again', Kylie has been far more active on TikTok. Sharing her evening skincare routine and even her pet fly, Fred.

Unlike sister Kim, we know Kylie is firmly in the long nails camp, so we knew a manicure video was inevitable, we just didn't know it would feature a cameo from our favourite 4-year-old.

After filing Kylie's XXL acrylics into an almond shape, her manicurist painted them the perfect baby pink colour. Seriously, we are going to make it our life's mission to find out what that shade is.

If you thought her nails were impractical already (contact lenses wearers could never), to finish off her baby doll nails, a rhinestone was added to the tip of each finger.

We thought the video would end there but if we took the time to read the caption, we would have realised there was a suprise cameo still to be made.

"Nails with bestie," Kylie wrote and at the end who pops up but a little Stormi hand with the most adorable matching manicure in miniature size.

We know Stormi is a fashion icon, so of course she let her personality shine through and rather than matching pink with her mum, she went for a bright orange with rhinestones.

No shade to Kylie but not only are Stormi's nails 10 x cuter, but they're also 10 x more practical.

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