Kylie Jenner Just Shared Her Evening Skincare Routine And It’s As Instagram-able As They Come

It also featured a cameo from her pet fly, Fred

Kylie jenner evening skincare routine

by Laura Capon |

In case you weren't aware, Kylie Jenner has become more active on TikTok after sharing the 'Make Instagram, Instagram again' post, signalling the possible end of our favourite photo sharing app.

To be honest, we kind of prefer TikTok Kylie anyway. There's less posing in front of Lambos and private jets and more naming the flies that land in her house (Fred if you were wondering).

Sadly the journey of Kylie and Fred was short-lived as the TikTok famous fly ended up drowning in the shower. The show must go on however and instead of more insect content, Kylie decided to share her evening skincare routine.

"I was taking off my make-up and then I decided to film a three minute TikTok because TikTok is my favourite place to be," she began, really rubbing that salt into Mark Zuckerberg's wounds there.

The first step of Kylie's routine is one we really don't recommend replicating at home as it involves removing your make-up with wipes, which not only aren't great for the planet but also aren't great for you skin due to the ingredients that can dry out and irritate the skin.

She then followed up with her own Kylie Skin Make-Up Melting Cleanser which we can approve of because having tried it ourselves we can testify that the cream-to-oil formula is *chef's kiss*.

After removing the cleanser and the rest of her face with a damp flannel, Kylie went in one one final cleanser, her Clarifying Cleansing Gel. Which she described as her favourite cleanser due to the salicylic acid helping reduce her breakouts.

While it's definitely not necessary to cleanse your face three times and could in fact strip your skin, compromising your all-important moisture barrier, Kylie explained that she uses her wipes as an additional step when she's wearing heavy make-up.

We just hope we get to see more of TikTok Kylie in the future because she really is our new favourite.

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Kylie Jenner evening skincare routine
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Kylie Jenner evening skincare routine
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