Kourtney Kardashian’s £14.50 Engagement Nail Polish Is The Perfect Shade For NYE

Plus how to achieve Kourtney's engagement manicure at home


by Remy Farrell |

If you're a self-confessed 'Kravis' obsessive it's likely that Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian's engagement pictures are etched into your mind. The roses, the ring, the matching monochrome outfits, and then there's the manicure. Kourtney's oval shaped nails were lacquered black. The overall look was equal parts gothic and classic and perfect for this year's party season.

Those keen on recreating Kourtney's engagement manicure look will be glad to hear that the the exact nail polish and shade that Kourtney was wearing is now public knowledge and more than that, it's a tried-and-tested Kardashian staple - The GelBottle Inc's gel polish in shade Jet Black. £14.50.

This might be a nail-pro-only brand but if you have a go-to salon it's well worth checking in with them to ask whether they stock it, or even whether they might be able to order it in for your appointment. If DIY manicures and regular nail polish are more your thing then fret not, it's also available in a regular polish version from the brand's sister range Peacci.

Kourtney has also recently been shot wearing The Gel Bottle's Velvet Red shade for a Poosh campaign and shade Vanilla in a round of Keeping Up With The Kardashians promo.

How To Recreate The Black Manicure At Home:

  1. Use Peacći’s Peach ManiPedi Scrub, £9, to gently polish your hands before you get to work on your nails.
  1. Shape your nails using a glass nail file, these tend to be gentler on your nails than emery boards. Mimic Kourtney's look and go for an oval-shaped tip.
  1. Apply a layer of Peacći 2 in 1 Base Coat, £10. This helps your manicure last and strengthens your nails too.
  1. Apply a layer of Peacći Polish in Jet Black, £10. After it’s dry apply a layer of Peacći Gel’ous Top Coat, £10.
  1. Finish with a cuticle oil and hand cream, the cherry on top of every manicure.

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