‘It Gives Me A Lash Lift’: TikTokers Are Obsessed With This Vaseline Lash Hack

Prepare to up your 'no make-up, make-up' game

TikTok Lash Lift Hack

by Laura Capon |

Until TikTok entered our lives, we considered our beauty education complete. We thought we had tried, tested, and critiqued every hack in the book, but somehow this app manages to humble us time and time again.

So, you’ve tried freezing your Beauty Blender, slugging your hair and icing your face with a cucumber. What could possibly be next?

Well, thankfully it’s one of the simpler tips we’ve come across on the app and involves just two products: an eyelash curler and a pot of Vaseline.

As much as we love a lash lift, they can be pricey and that awkward post four-week stage when your new lashes grow in and your old ones fall out is always irritating.

To cheat the effect of a lash lift without the price or the permanency, TikTok is using Vaseline.

You start off by rubbing a small (and we mean small) amount of petroleum jelly onto the pad of your eyelash curler. Some users are applying the Vaseline directly to their lashes rather than the curler but this option uses more product which makes it more likely to migrate, so stick to option one.

Then simply curl your lashes like normal. It's worth noting that your lashes should be make-up free unless panda eyes are your thing.

Watch TikTok's Vaseline Lash Lift Hack In Action:

Word of warning on this ‘no make-up, make-up’ hack though, user @beauty.with.cait did a full day wear test and confirmed the natural lash lift does indeed last, but does leave your eyelids feeling a little greasy, so keep this for your no eyeshadow days only.

Main image credit: @brighattas, @nataliedn13, @julialouisafernandez

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TikTok Vaseline Eyelash Curler Hack

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Surratt Relevu00e9e Lash Curler, £32
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Surratt Relevée Lash Curler, £32

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