TikTok Is Obsessed With Hair Slugging, But What Is It?

And did TikTokers really invent it?

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by Phoebe Lee |

First came facial slugging, then came hair slugging: the subject of TikTok's latest obsession. And no, TikTokers didn't invent it. Like facial slugging, hair slugging has, in fact, been around for eons.

What is hair slugging?

Haircare expert and founder of Only Curls, Lizzie Carter, explains 'it's a hair hack that involves adding a rich, hydrating treatment - whether a hair oil or a mask - to hair at night to lock in moisture, and wrapping it in something protective during sleep.' TikTok videos have shown users covering theirs up in fluffy socks and silk turbans alike. While the 'slugging' practice has gained traction on social media in the last few months, Lizzie is quick to point out that this is a ritual that has been around in various forms and in different cultures for centuries.

Hair oiling, for example, is an Ayurvedic ritual that has as much to do with self-care as it does with haircare. Bridgerton Season 2 recently shone a spotlight on it in a scene that shows Simone Ashley's Kate Sharma comforting her sister Edwina - played by Charithra Chandran - by oiling her hair. Read more about the history and benefits of this well-known ritual here.

Watch: TikTok Users Demonstrate Hair Slugging

Can those who don't have curly, kinky or coily hair benefit from hair slugging?

Those with curly, kinky or coily hair will likely already be working in some form of 'slugging' into their hair routine, whether that involves oiling hair or using a nourishing mask regularly.

Lizzie recommends using an 'absorbent oil and massaging it into your scalp, mid-lengths and ends, before putting on a satin sleep turban. If your hair is fine, wash the oil out (with a touch of shampoo) in the morning.'

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