Rochelle Humes Swears By This £14.99 Skincare Saviour To Swerve Breakouts

'It prevents bacteria, viruses and fungus from surviving on the skin'

Rochelle Humes beauty routine

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Former Saturday’s singer turned TV presenter Rochelle Humes is a force to be reckoned with. In-between her regular slots on This Morning, the ITV favourite has found the time to write not one, but two children’s books as well as launching a gentle skin & haircare brand called My Little Coco. She’s also appeared on the cover of myriad magazines and starred in Grazia’s own shoot (pictured above) where she spoke openly about embracing her natural curls – a journey that inspired her to write her first book, The Mega Magic Hair Swap.

In the interview, Rochelle said she really hopes her books will make a positive difference to how the next generation feel about themselves. A true inspiration, Grazia’s Beauty Writer Emma Stoddart caught up with the mum of three over the phone to talk all things beauty. Here, Rochelle shares her ride-or-die make-up must-haves, the savvy skincare spray she swears by for tackling blemishes and the haircare products she uses on herself and her two daughters.

On Her Go-To Skincare Saviours

Owner of seriously great skin, Rochelle often gets asked what products she uses which is why the mum of three recently took to her Instagram to share her evening skincare routine. Before applying her beloved Dr Barbara Sturm Darker Skin Tones Face Cream, £135, and Shane Cooper Collagen Firming Cream, £145 (which she uses as an eye cream), Rochelle mists her face with Clinisept Plus, £14.99. Recommend to her by Skincare Expert, Nilam Holmes, Nilam says she uses it on all her clients during and after treatments - 'It is hypochlorous so not only cleans the skin but prevents bacteria, viruses and fungus from surviving on the skin. It's so gentle that it can be used on broken skin and is particularly good for preventing maskne.' Rochelle adds, 'All I know is I have no breakouts when this is part of my routine.' Sold.

On Doing Her Own Make-Up For Television

'Most mornings, depending on how I’ve slept, it’s been in the back of the car,' Rochelle laughs, 'so it tends be very quick and then I'll go over it once I'm at the studio.' Her go-to look? 'I’ve got one look that I always stick to when I’m doing my own make-up. It’s warm, brown colours on the eyes, bushy brows, highlighted skin and a bit of bronzer. That’s it really, and a nude lip.’ Rochelle loves to mix up her beauty products, and her latest find is the Morphe Nature Glow Eyeshadow Palette, £24. 'It's huge with so many different shades in, I feel like a bit of a pro when I'm using it.'

On Her Top Make-Up Trick

Rochelle has been made up by some of the biggest beauty names in the biz and as a result, has picked up some serious beauty intel along the way. ‘When I get ready with my friends before going out, they will always do their base before their eyes,' she says. 'Whereas, my number one rule is to always apply your eye make-up first, followed by your base make-up. This way if the eyeshadow trickles down, you can wipe it away without ruining the rest of your face.'

On Her Favourite Highlighter For Achieving That Enviable Glow

'I much prefer cream formulas over powder highlighters and the one that I always use is Chantecaille's Liquid Lumière Anti-Aging Illuminator, £36. It’s such a lovely rose-gold colour. I dab it down my nose, on top my cheekbones and along my cupids bow - It’s just the best.’

On Her £1 Beauty Secret

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Rochelle recently shared a bargain discovery of hers that costs just £1. The product in question? Nivea's Sunshine Shower Gel. 'I bought this shower gel because it was on offer and I cannot tell you how nice it is. It honestly smells like you are on holiday. If you’ve missed the beach like we all have, grab yourself a load of these.'

On Her Curly Hair Care Routine

After embracing her natural curls in recent years, it's no surprise that Rochelle has nailed down her haircare routine. 'I try not to over complicate it,' says Rochelle. 'I use a product called Twisted Sista 30 Second Curl Spray, £5.89, that helps to define my curls. You mist it onto super wet hair and scrunch it in. After that, I'll use a curl cream, which I'm constantly switching up, or a leave-in conditioner - both are a great way to keep my curls healthy.' Rochelle is also a big fan of the cult classic Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, £19, 'I'll use it at least once a week, whenever I can. In fact, I've got it in now!'

Looking after her daughters hair is also a top priority for Rochelle. So much so, that she created her own beauty brand, My Little Coco. 'We've got this product called Curling Custard, £5.99, that defines and smooths hair and I'm always using it on the girls.'

On Collaborating With Birchbox

The UK's first and number one beauty box, Birchbox teamed up with Rochelle last year to launch a limited edition box. So, how does it work? ‘I'll tell them - "this is my vibe and this is what I’m using" - they then send me a selection of products that are new, and I test them out. I'll cherry pick my favourites and put them together for a limited-edition box. It’s just so much fun because I love skincare and I love trying something new.’

‘My favourite product from the box is from a brand called Eyebrow Queen. It’s an eyebrow fix – it’s so good. You drop a little bit of the product from the pipette onto a spoolie and just brush your eyebrow hairs up. They literally stay put all day – it’s so so good.’ And just like that, we're totally sold.

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Rochelle Humes Beauty Faves

Clinisept Plus Aftercare, £14.991 of 10

Clinisept Plus Aftercare, £14.99

Shane Cooper Collagen Firming Cream,2 of 10
CREDIT: Shane Cooper

Shane Cooper Collagen Firming Cream

NIVEA Sunshine Love Shower Gel3 of 10

NIVEA Sunshine Love Shower Gel

Morphe 35O Nature Glow Eyeshadow Palette4 of 10
CREDIT: Cult Beauty

Morphe 35O Nature Glow Eyeshadow Palette

Chantecaille Liquid Lumiu00e8re5 of 10
CREDIT: Cult Beauty

Chantecaille Liquid Lumière

Twisted Sista 30 Second Curl Spray6 of 10
CREDIT: Superdrug

Twisted Sista 30 Second Curl Spray

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Deep Conditioning Treatment7 of 10
CREDIT: Birchbox

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Deep Conditioning Treatment

My Little Coco Coconut Curling Custard8 of 10

My Little Coco Coconut Curling Custard

Dr Barbara Sturm Darker Skin Tones Face Cream9 of 10
CREDIT: Cult Beauty

Dr Barbara Sturm Darker Skin Tones Face Cream

Dr Barbara Sturm Darker Skin Tones Enzyme Cleanser10 of 10
CREDIT: Cult Beauty

Dr Barbara Sturm Darker Skin Tones Enzyme Cleanser

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