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And yes, it ships to the UK…

Olivia Palermo Beauty brand

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When we think of Olivia Palermo, we think of timeless outfits, fashion week FROW-moments and truly great hair. And when it comes to beauty, Olivia Palermo has actually always been one of our all time favourite makeup inspos too, thanks to her classic, understated (but always with a hint of glam) makeup looks. Which is why we're pretty excited to learn that Palermo's finally branched out into the world of beauty, with the launch of Olivia Palermo Beauty.

Announcing the launch on instagram, Palermo wrote that she was "absolutely thrilled" to be launching her beauty line after almost two years in the making.

Fashion and beauty go hand in hand and I have been so fortunate over the years to work with incredible hair and makeup artists, glam artists, nail technicians [and] aestheticians from all over the world. It’s helped me shape my eye and create the Olivia Palermo Beauty brand.

The debut collection currently consists of just seven products: An illuminating face serum (that's enriched with hyaluronic acid and peptides to hydrate, together with a lilac-hue to colour-correct and brighten), a mattifying mist (perfect for refreshing your makeup throughout the day) plus two eyeshadow palettes, and three matte lipsticks.

“We really wanted the product to feel luxurious, something that you could have on your beauty counter, that you could feel that you’ve invested your money into," explains Olivia on the brand's Instagram.

“The colour palette really came from playing with colours that I wear on a regular basis, that are true to me, and things you can really wear in the evening and give yourself an extra sparkle."


Olivia Palermo Beauty

Olivia Palermo Beauty Pre-Show Mattifying Mist
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"Leading such a busy lifestyle, I believe this is one of the most fantastic and important products out there. I know how vital it is to make a look last for hours and this mattifying mist keeps my look fresh practically all day. And when you need a quick break from daily stressors, a quick spritz is a welcomed refresh."

Olivia Palermo Beauty Eyeshadow Palette in Onaturale
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"I love a bold eye for evening and how that same effect instantly boosts my mood for daytime meetings. What I've created are palettes that bring colour to life and which can be mixed and matched with other shades to create something distinctive and personal. Let your eyes do the talking!"

Olivia Palermo Matte Lipstick
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"Having spent so much time in the makeup chair over the years, I have tried countless lipsticks and am always searching for the perfect shades with staying power to match. A swash of color on the lips enhances the everyday while keeping lips hydrated and moisturized during both the dry winter months and sun-scorched summer."

Olivia Palermo Beauty Prime Time Illuminating Serum
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"I've cared about skin health since I was a teen and focused on achieving a natural glow. It's great to find a product where you can actually see a difference—it really works. The Prime Time Serum is a daily essential for me as it locks down positioning for makeup application and, regardless if I am applying makeup that day, corrects my skin tone."

The entire collection is also vegan and cruelty-free - and the best news is, Olivia Palermo Beauty ships straight to the UK. Hurrah. Will you be investing? Or are you still #teamWhit? (Sorry!) Olivia Palermo Beauty is available at oliviapalermo.com.

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