‘They’re Not Sticky At All’: The £8 Lip Glosses Going Viral On TikTok

Plumping, hydrating and real housewife approved

Tiktok maybelline lip gloss

by Laura Capon |

You know by now that TikTok has enabled our make-up shopping obsession no end.

We’re not mad though because not only do the recommendations almost always live up to the hype, but they’re also often on the more affordable side as well.

There was the setting spray that will keep your base on even in a heatwave, the £12.99 face roller that works better than any pressed powder we’ve come across, and the ‘no make-up, makeup’ bronzer we still have on our list to try.

The latest viral product we need to add to that list? Maybelline’s Lifter Glosses which everyone, including Real Housewives star Bethany Frankel is raving about.

Hailed as dupe to Fenty’s Gloss Bombs and loved for the hyaluronic acid enriched formula which keeps lips hydrated and plumped, it seems impossible to find a bad review of these on the platform.

In fact, all we can see is people reviewing them and then going back to buy more shades, which tells you everything you need to know.

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Maybelline TikTok Famous Lip Gloss

tiktok Maybelline lip gloss
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At £8.99, Maybelline’s gloss is is less than half the price of Fenty’s version and if those none sticky reviews are true, you are going to want to stock up asap.

Looks like this and a good lip liner is the only thing between you and the ‘Gym Lips’ trend. Now, if only we could narrow down a colour choice to make it easier for you.

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