This Hit Beauty Brand Is Now Available At Boots: These Are The Best Affordable Products To Try

Made by Mitchell took TikTok Shop by storm – now, you can try products before you buy them in your local Boots store.

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Cast your minds back to 2020, when we were all in lockdown. Amidst the Mochi balls and questionable fashion choices, a make-up revolution bloomed on TikTok. Forget endless dance challenges, the FYP was flooded with blindingly green packaging and a charismatic face with a whole lotta personality: Made By Mitchell.

This wasn’t (and still isn't) the average beauty brand. Mitchell preached inclusivity, developing products with rich pigments that looked amazing on a wide range of skin tones. A refreshing change. And affordability was just as important. Mitchell’s creations were surprisingly budget-friendly, often further discounted during those lockdown sales. Plus, with seamless TikTok Shop integration, buying your new make-up obsession was a breeze. In fact, Mitchell shattered records, becoming the first UK business to hit a staggering £1 million in revenue on TikTok Shop in a single day.

Made by Mitchell may have started life a beauty insider secret but today the brand has officially reached cult status. How? It's landed a coveted spot on the shelves of Boots UK. 'I’m so proud of myself,' Mitchell said, 'We started like a bit of an underdog in the make-up industry, and look at what we've done.'

The ‘Deep Curve Case,’ a complexion palette, brilliant for bronzing and blushing which Mitchell himself calls ‘one of my favourite creations,’ became a must-have item. The brand’s signature green packaging – a diamond in the rough amidst a sea of black compacts – emerged as a symbol of individuality and self-expression, reflecting the core values of the brand.

In addition tothe brand’s most popular products, Boots customers have the exciting opportunity to snag a Made by Mitchell Mystery Bag. This bag is stuffed with a handpicked selection of surprise goodies from the brand, featuring six full-size products. With a value of over £60, this Mystery Bag is available for just £25.

The launch of Made by Mitchell, which is amongst 25 new beauty brands arriving at Boots this summer, comes as Boots continues to overhaul the beauty shopping experience in its stores.

Alice Rafferty, director of luxury beauty and cosmetics at Boots, said 'As the home of beauty on the high street, we are committed to bringing the very best brands to our customers. It is our mission to make the most in-demand products more accessible, and after taking social media by storm we are thrilled to bring Mitchell’s iconic cosmetics to our beauty aisles for customers to test, swatch and play.'

So, what can you expect to find at Boots? Get ready for a vibrant explosion of colour, serious pigment and innovative formulas (seriously, the Blursh is a game-changer).

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New to MMM? Pick the Curve Case up now.

Summer is here! Who doesn't want an unreal glow?

My favourite shade has to be, 'Where's the SPF?' I recommend applying on the back of your wrist first as the colours are very pigmeneted.

Made By Mitchell Mystery Bundle contains six products for £25, expect anything from the Blending Sponge to the Beam Lip Gloss!

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