Tasha’s £9 Brow Pen Is A Villa Favourite According To Love Island Insiders

Consider this your go-to buy for soft, fluffy brows

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by Annie Vischer |

Love Island is brimming with beauty trends this year. There's the £14 mascara that Gemma Owen has made a play for that's likely causing a stampede in Boots as we speak, the false lash revival instigated by Indiyah Polack - shop her go-to set here - the mystery face mist that appears in the background of every dressing room scene, and now Tasha Ghouri's getting in on the act.

The 23-year-old model and dancer from Thirsk has become known for her signature dewy look - all glowing skin, barely-there eye make-up and glossy lips. Tasha has emerged as a real dark horse in the brow department too, never without a full and fluffy brushed up set, equipped with both volume and staying power. And there's a humble £9 brow hero behind that look.

Meet the XX Revolution Soap Stixxs Brow, £9, a handy, dinkier version of the traditional soap tray and brush combination that first kicked off the soap brows obsession. You have the soap in a more solid, stick form at one end, and the all important brush at the other - precision soap brows have never been easier.

Shop Tasha's go-to brow buy and the Love Island favourite below:

Shop: This Is Tasha's Go-To Brow Buy According To Love Island Insiders


Love Island's Favourite Brow Buy - Grazia 2022

XX Revolution Soap Stixxs Brow
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According to Love Island insiders, this is the brow buy that season 8's Tasha is using to keep hers soft and fluffy.

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