How To Look Less Tired According To The Experts

Because, let's face it, there aren't enough hours between bedtime and the school run


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Whether you're still coming to terms with that earlier pre-commute wake-up call or being kept awake by the little ones on the nightly, it's likely you're feeling (and seeing) the results of disrupted sleep. According to a study from the University of Southampton, the number of people experiencing insomnia rose from one in six to one in four during the height of the pandemic and the majority are experiencing more of the same.

'The last 18 months have been turbulent, and we need to prioritise sleep more than ever', says Dr Anna Persaud, CEO of This Works. 'It is essential good health, well-being and quality of life.'

Nights spent tossing and turning have an impact on our energy levels and yes, our skin too.

Skin cells have their own schedule. Sleep paves the way for their 'repair and renew' phase, that's when stem cells work to replace old cells with bright, shiny, new fully-functioning ones. The less sleep we get, the less efficient this process is. Enter dull, lacklustre skin. So, how to combat it?

The Pro's Tips To Beating Facial Fatigue

1. Brighten Skin With A Gentle Exfoliator And Vitamin C

According to skincare and laser specialist Debbie Thomas, gentle exfoliation can mimic the glow you get from a great night's sleep. 'To brighten up the skin first of all address your exfoliation. Gentle and regular is best, I always recommend a liquid exfoliator over a scrub, think acids or enzymes.'

Work vitamin C into your morning skincare routine too. 'Vitamin C is known for its brightening qualities,' explains Thomas, 'and with consistent use it also helps boost collagen levels too.' Never underestimate a two-pronged approach.

2. Massage To De-puff

Who doesn't wake up with a slightly puffy face in the morning? Puffiness comes from fluid retention and fluid retention can be eased with a gentle lymphatic drainage massage. 'De-puffing your face takes a little gentle arm work', says Thomas. 'While washing your face with a slippery cleanser, use the heel of your hand to firmly massage up and out in sweeping movements to push the fluid build-up towards your ears and the lymph nodes. The idea is to push up to lift then sweep out to drain. Just make sure that your skin is a little slippery so that you aren't tugging at it.'

3. Cool Your Eyes

'For puffy eyes specifically, reach for something cold,' advises Thomas. 'Holding something cold against your eye area helps to tone down inflammation and puffiness. If you don't own a cryo-massage tool then grab an ice cube with some tissue, let it warm enough to be slippery on your skin then sweep it around your eyes and over your skin for 1-2 minutes.'

4. Improve The Sleep You Do Get

It goes without saying, but routine is key says This Works sleep expert Dr Anna Persaud. 'On a practical level establishing and maintaining a nightly wind down or sleep routine helps to reset and rebalance our minds. Try dimming lights, limiting brain stimulation - for example turning off Netflix an hour earlier and disconnecting from our devices - can help to signal to our brain that it is time to sleep.'

And from a beauty perspective? Never knock the instant results of a decent under-eye concealer.

Shop: The Products That Might Just Make You Look And Feel A Bit Less Tired


Shop Our Edit Of The Most Sleep Friendly Beauty Buys

Skin Proud Sleep Defence Overnight Mask, £14.95
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This new overnight mask is infused with kombucha to help combat irritation and redness, and niacinamide for super soft, supple skin. Simply pop on overnight and let it get to work whilst you sleep, leaving skin refreshed, energised and glowy with minimal work. A time saving treasure.

The D Thomas Clinic DNA Essential Skin Grade Treatment, from £150 per session
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A one stop shop for refreshed and rejuvenated skin, the Essential Skin Grade treatment combines the necessary services for your skin concerns as recommended by consultation. Think mild peels, extractions, microdermabrasion, Byonik pulse triggered cold laser, photodynamic red and blue light therapy, lymphatic drainage, radiofrequency, and ultrasound product infusion, as well as an assortment of serums and masks

This Works Pillow Sprays, from £19.50
3 of 10

"Our collection of pillow sprays all contain a clinically proven Sleep Superblend to you fall asleep faster. A natural, aromatherapeutic fragrance with 100% natural essential oils including French Lavender, wild Camomile and Vetivert. The Sleep Plus, Love Sleep and Deep Sleep Pillow Sprays calm both the mind and body and target various sleep issues. Independent consumer studies found that after using the product, 97% reported less broken sleep and 89% said they fell asleep more quickly than usual. As a result of using Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, 98% felt more relaxed in the morning and 97% felt less tired the day after using. We've sold over 8 million pillow sprays thanks to ongoing scientific research and continuous product innovation – so it's fair to say they really work." Dr Anna Persaud, CEO, This Works and VP Skincare & Topicals, Canopy Growth

Angela Caglia Self Love Rose Quartz Eye Mask, £110
4 of 10

Angela Caglia's ultra-luxurious Self Love Rose Quartz Eye Mask is garnering a cult following for its calming and soothing properties. If you're drawn to the energy in crystals, real rose quartz is woven together to create a pampering eye mask to release tension and focus the mind. Sign us up.

Sanctuary Spa Wellness De-stress Bath Salts, £8
5 of 10

"You don't need us to tell you that sleeping is a fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle", says Becky O'Neill, Global Brand Manager of Sanctuary Spa. "It improves concentration levels, mood and ability to cope with stress. Getting a good night's rest also lowers the levels of cortisol in the body, promoting a healthy and stress-free mindset". So soak away the days stress with Sanctuary Spa's wellness bath salts. The rest of the range includes a CBD calming oil, de-stress balm and pillow spray to help you properly unwind from bath to bed.

Anastasia Beverley Hills Magic Touch Concealer, £28
6 of 10

To touch up dark circles on the go, this full coverage but easily blendable concealer has a smooth, buttery formula that blends seamlessly into skin for a brightening lift. The best part? It doesn't dry out and crack, so this second skin will last as long as your day does.

RoC Multi Correxion Revive + Glow Daily Serum, £35.99
7 of 10

This lightweight but potent serum packs a punch to give fatigued skin a dose of Vitamin C for a brighter complexion, and perceptibly plumper and more even skin. Use before moisturiser for a shot of extra hydration.

Slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask, £50
8 of 10

According to Slip, 'by the time we are 60 we will have slept for an average of 20 years' so better make that time count. This pure silk eye mask (and accompanying range of pillowcases) are anti aging, anti sleep crease, anti bed head and can help to reduce friction and irritation on delicate facial skin. Perfect for blocking out the early morning light and getting you to sleep through to your alarm.

Dreem Distillery CBD Bed Balm, £75
9 of 10

Ease tense and aching joints with this concentrated CBD balm that is a non-greasy and easily absorbed formula, to massage into localised areas and melt away stress.

Suzanna K Zen Candle, £28
10 of 10

Aromatherapy is great for unwinding, and this calming and tranquil scented candle has notes of Lavender and Ylang Ylang. to help you take a moment to ground yourself and reset.

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