Here’s What Holly Willoughby’s New Perfume Smells Like

She's the latest celeb to throw her hat into the fragrance arena, and the result is quite impressive

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Celebrity make-up lines get a lot of stick, but perfumes? Less so. It could be down to the fact that there's a flock of celebrity perfumes that are actually, well, nice. Britney Spears' Fantasy fragrance has been kicking around since 2005 (and showing no sign of slowing down), and Ariana Grande's Cloud fragrance has been touted as smelling as good as a certain fragrance that goes for £215 a pop.

Perhaps it's just that make-up is harder to get right. Whilst we aren't exactly in a celebrity fragrance shortage, don't switch off at the latest arrival into the celebrity perfume arena. That's right: there's one more, and it comes from Holly Willoughby. The presenter has launched a fragrance as part of her Wylde Moon lifestyle brand, and here's everything you need to know.

What was the inspiration behind the fragrance?

There's no denying that Wylde Moon, Holly's lifestyle brand, is channeling Gwyneth's Goop (except consider Holly's a tad more PG). The brand taps into the idea of a more 'holistic' lifestyle, promoting general wellbeing alongside Holly's fashion and beauty tips.

As for the fragrance, (borrowed from) The Wild, Holly said it's 'a love note to the beauty of nature untamed. I just love how scent marks memory in the most profound way, and we have been lucky enough to work with the finest British perfumers to create a fragrance that elicits emotion and evokes memories.'

What does (borrowed from) The Wild smell like?

Sadly, while scientific advancements look to make Mars habitable, we're still a while away from Smellevision. To help conjure up some thoughts, Holly says that it's 'an invigorating, elegant scent created to capture the evocative aroma of a wild country garden after rainfall.'

As for the notes going on in the bottle, you'll find 'opening notes of bergamot, geranium and blackcurrant, before embracing an aromatic, floral heart of jasmine, rose absolute and mint.' To finish the fragrance, there are base notes of amberwood and musk.

If that's like reading a foreign language to you, expect this fragrance to be a slightly warmer take on a floral. It's fresh and feminine, but not cloying and twee - the base notes of amberwood and musk dry down on the skin to be rich and velvety. The initial splash of bergamot and geranium are cheering, and it makes for a perfect morning spritz.

Where can I buy (borrowed from) The Wild?

You can buy Holly Willoughby's first fragrance below.


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Wylde Moon, (borrowed from) The Wild, £42
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