Barry M Have Launched Harry Potter Make-Up Sets

Will you choose Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or *shudder* Slytherin though?

Harry Potter Make-Up

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Just in case you thought the beauty world couldn't get any better we're here to tell you that Harry Potter make-up sets exist. No, really! Barry M and Platform 9 3/4 (the Harry Potter shop at London's Kings Cross) have teamed up to fill a gaping hole in the beauty market and brought us a vast range of brand new Harry-Potter-centric beauty buys. Need more details? We're here for you. Not only can you feed your Harry Potter obsession with Luna Lovegood themed sparkly buys (we're talking shimmering nail polishes and lip glosses, the lot!) and deeply eery Deathly Hallows styled make-up brushes and eyeliners, you can even shop for your must-have Harry Potter beauty buys according to your Hogwarts house allegiance. Gryffindor through and through? There's a deep cherry red nail polish and Gryffindor crest emblazoned nail file for you. More of a Ravenclaw at heart? Blue's your colour. Honourary Hufflepuff? Think gold. Or maybe you're a stealth Sytherin? No judgement here. The snake logo stamped on this set will be right up your street.

Judging by how many (pre-lockdown days) used to regularly queue up to have their picture taken at the Platform 9 3/4 luggage trolley at London's King's Cross Station day in and day out it's fair to say there'll be a flurry of Harry Potter obsessed beauty shoppers slinging these newbies into their online shopping cart, so if you're here for a Hogwarts themed eyeshadow palette be quick off the mark! We're not sure how long these beauty buys will be hanging around.

Harry Potter Make-Up
©Platform 9 3/4 x Barry M

Whether you are buying for yourself or for a Harry Potter loving loved one these brand new beauty finds are sure to bring a smile to a few faces.

Where Can I Shop The Harry Potter Make-Up Range?

Good question! You'll have to head to Platform 9 3/4. No, honestly, we're being serious. Post-lockdown, pop along to the Platform 9 3/4 Harry Potter Shop at London's Kings Cross Station or, better yet, visit their website right here from the 11th November 2020 to stock up.

Shop: The New Harry Potter Make-Up Range


Harry Potter Make-Up

Harry Potter Make-Up1 of 6

The Gryffindor Collection

Harry Potter Make-Up2 of 6

The Hufflepuff Collection

Harry Potter Make-Up3 of 6

The Ravenclaw Collection

Harry Potter Make-Up4 of 6

The Slytherin Collection

Harry Potter Make-Up5 of 6

The Luna Lovegood Collection

Harry Potter Make-Up6 of 6

The Deathly Hallows Collection

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