The Easy Skull Make-Up Tutorial To Try This Halloween Using Products You Already Own

Make-up artist and beauty brand founder Jamie Genevieve gives us a game-changing tutorial

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It's that time of year again. Get your pumpkins, apple bobbing tubs and scary movie Netflix stream at the ready, Halloween 2022is fast approaching, and this year - with the pandemic far less of a hindrance to get-togethers - it's set to be bigger and better than ever. Whether you're set on an all-out Harley Quinn make-over for the third time in a row, or you err on the Halloween-light side of things - black cat costume on repeat anyone? - it's likely you're already turning your attention to Halloween make-up.

Halloween make-up can be a daunting prospect, but according to make-up artist and beauty brand founder JamieGenevieve - if you haven't perused herVieve line's make-up offerings, do so now - it needn't be complicated. 'If you're going out and you're wanting to feel confident and quite sexy, there's nothing wrong about sticking to what you know,' Jamie tells Grazia, 'start with a face of make-up that you'd apply for an evening out, a look that makes you feel great, and go from there.'

Jamie's first YouTube video was a Halloween skull make-up tutorial. 'Who knew that I'd be here talking to Grazia about it years later?' she says. According to Jamie, it's easy to adapt that look, and apply it with products that are likely already sitting in your make-up bag - full-free Halloween make-up at its finest. Jamie sat down with Grazia to show us exactly how it's done:

Watch: Jamie Genevieve And The Easy Skull Make-Up Tutorial You Have To Try This Halloween

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Jamie Genevieve's Easy Skull Make-Up Look For Halloween - Grazia 2022

Vieve The Ninetease Palette1 of 6

Vieve The Ninetease Palette, £45

Packed full of cool neutrals, this palette is perfectly suited to blending up a smoky base across your eyelids, before adding mored definition with a soft eyeliner. Use an eyeliner brush to sweep a shades Low Rise and Soot over your skull sketch too, for a diffused finish.

Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil2 of 6
CREDIT: Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil, £23.50

Jamie first sketches out the entire skull look across one half of her face - you can go for the full face if you have time - with Benefit's iconic Precisely My Brow Pencil. The line it affords is less in-your-face than that which a true black eyeliner would deliver, which makes mapping out the look and correcting any mistakes much easier to do.

Vieve Eye Wand in Raven3 of 6

Vieve Eye Wand in Raven, £21

Jamie uses the Vieve Eye Wand in Raven to add depth and definition to her look, once she's happy with the outline she sketched out with Benefit's Precisely My Brow. You can't beat this buy for its blendability and staying power. If you're in the market for a new Kohl-Kajal-type eye product, make a grab for this shadow stick.

NARS Light Reflecting Foundation4 of 6
CREDIT: NARS Cosmetics

NARS Light Reflecting Foundation, £37.50

Just because you're applying a Halloween look, doesn't mean you have to matte everything out. Jamie's a NARS Light Reflecting Foundation loyalist and for good reason. It delivers coverage, luminosity and staying power. Applying your everyday base and layering your chosen Halloween look over the top is always an option - face paint need not apply.

Vieve Power Ink Liner in Midnight Black5 of 6

Vieve Power Ink Liner in Midnight Black, £19

Jamie adds the final fine details to her skull look - as well as a slick eyeliner wing - with Vieve's Power Ink Liner in Midnight Black. Jamie's winged eyeliner is one of her signature looks, so you could always count on her serving up a high quality liquid liner in Vieve's capsule collection. The fine nib of this one lends precision, and the deep true black formula delivers high impact.

Vieve Ninetease Modern Matte Lipstick6 of 6

Vieve Ninetease Modern Matte Lipstick, £21

Brace yourselves for a show-stopper of a Vieve limited edition lipstick - Vieve's Ninetease Modern Matte Lipstick. It's a shade that evokes those iconic magazine covers and supermodels of the 90s, and it's the perfect finishing touch to Jamie's fuss-free Halloween make-up look.

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