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Glossier Is Updating The Formulation Of One Of Its Most Popular Products

© Glossier

Since launching in 2014, Glossier and its famous pink zipper pouches have been preaching a skin-first, make-up-second philosophy. One of their first products, the Perfecting Skin Tint championed this with it’s oozy, lightweight coverage. But, not every customer was happy.

The news broke of the new formulation after a Reddit user, SS1215, posted an email from the brand. ‘We work to create innovative and prestige-quality formulas, and, in some cases, that means revisiting the formula of a product in our current lineup.’ The email read, ‘Thanks to extremely helpful feedback from our community, we updated the skin tint formula to improve overall performance (while keeping all of the best parts from the original)’.

No need to panic, Glossier says it will still be dewy and leave you with that naked-skin sensation. Promise.

'Glossier heard from their community that it could be better so the goal was to fix some of the issues they faced with the previous formula without compromising the look and effect of toned, smooth, dewy skin.' Their spokesperson explained to Grazia, 'The new formula of Perfecting Skin Tint is the same sheer and breathable one you know and love—just with some improvements. They have added an updated pigment treatment, an improved film-form technology (to create a soft, hydrating veil on skin), cork oak for a breathable barrier that works to prevent water loss, an updated blend of oils (rich in the omega fatty acids Linoleic and Ricinoleic), and an updated preservative system.'

The updated product includes a ‘film-form technology’ and a new blend of oils. This will add a breathable layer of hydration to your complexion and try and prevent moisture loss from the skin while also attempting to combat shifting over time. The reformulation adds alcohol as a preservative to the skin tint, which hopefully means it will last longer without diminishing in quality. Glossier have made it crystal clear the revised formula won’t change the tint’s coverage, it will still be sheer and available in five shoes (light, medium, dark, deep and rich).

If you’ve purchased a bottle in the last month you’ll likely revive an email shortly with a promo code so that you can try the updated Skin Tint.