The Absolute Best Products From Glossier UK

The Absolute Best Products From Glossier UK

    By Alyss Bowen Posted on 12 Apr 2017

    Welcome to the UK, Glossier! While we roll out the red carpet to welcome the beauty mecca to the Great Isle of Britain, let us fill you in on everything you need to know (and buy) from, including Boy Brow, Cloud Paint, Milky Cleanser.

    Founded by Emily Weiss (you might recognise her name from cult beauty blog Into The Gloss) Glossier isn’t just about making your skin glow, it’s about a lifestyle. Easy-to-use basics that you can pick up, swipe on your skin and be good-to-go at a completely affordable price. With this sale just days away here are all the Glossier elixir’s to stock up on:

    1. Glossier Boy Brow

    I’d like to dedicate my Wednesday to Boy Brow. Before Boy Brow I used two eyebrow products. Two. Who needs two? I would draw them in and then brush them out with a gel – the whole process would take around six minutes. Six minutes I would never get back. That was before Boy Brow made its neat little way into my life. This product fills in sparse spaces, thickens thin brow and holds them in place like a gel would and now I only need one product every morning. Merci Boy Brow.

    2. Glossier Cloud Paint

    The recently launched cloud paint has fast become my go-to blusher. I went for Haze, a subtle pink perfect for pale skin. These babies glide over your face seamlessly and last all-day long. Hooked.

    3. Glossier Rose balmdotcom

    If you can only afford one product – buy this. Balm Dotcom is the mecca of beauty products. The crème de la crème of balms. This hydrating skin slave comes with me everywhere and if I can’t find it I experience severe separation anxiety. Best used on lips or eyelids to give yourself a dewy ‘I hardly wear makeup’ glow.

    4. Glossier Crème de Glossier

    I got this after a friend asked me to pick her one up, then I got lured in the packaging and couldn’t resist buying myself one too. It’s luxurious and creamy and dreamy – basically everything you want in a night-time moisturiser, am I right? Plus, you only need the smallest amount so while this is one of Glossier’s more expensive products (around £30) it will last forever my friends.

    5. Glossier Generation G

    Ohmygodohmygodohmygod I have never loved a lip product more. I have Zip, a poppy red – don’t be fooled into thinking this guy is difficult to wear, though. Generation G’s consistency adapts to you – so each colour appears different on everyone, and they feel more like a balm than a lipstick so you don’t have to worry about awkward stains around your mouth all day. I’ve heard Cake is a cult favourite. Adds all to bag immediately

    Is There A Glossier London Store?

    Currently the short answer is sadly no, but Glossier does ship to the UK and every so often has a pop-up store. When they first launched in Europe they hosted a party and a pop-up store along with a handful of other events in the captial.

    Instagram image from @venezza

    This article originally appeared on The Debrief.

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