Gen Z Are Obsessed With ‘Straight Eyebrows’ And Millennials Are Worried For Them

Over-pluck at your peril, millennials whisper to their TikTok feeds.

straight eyebrows

by Sameeha Shaikh |
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We love a brow trend. Over the years we've embraced everything from '90s skinny brows to the bold set Cara Delevingne caused a sensation with. Not to mention the myriad treatments on offer, think brow lamination, microblading and HD brows. The latest trend taking over TikTok is one we advise you approach with caution.


'Straight brows' have racked up 114.7 million views on the app. The look sees Gen Z TikTokers sometimes plucking, often shaving off the tail end of their brows, the section that curves down, with a view to locking down the straight eyebrow look. Many laud it for making their features look 'snatched' and lifted.

Where did the trend for 'straight eyebrows' come from?

Many point to TikTok's Bella Hadid filter and cite it as the catalyst for this trend. The straight brow look was one its most notable features and TikTokers were inspired to try it out for real.

While the trend is clearly making Gen Z-ers reach for their tweezers, millennials the world over are having flashbacks. Still reeling from having over-plucked their brows in the early noughties, many millennials have since spent years regrowing in order to keep up with today's trends, which hail full, thick and fluffy as the gold brow standard.

Over-pluck at your peril, millennials whisper to their TikTok feeds, as they scroll past video after video of Gen Z-ers tweezing away.

TikToker @clownshoess took to the app to say, 'People have been straightening their brows a lot on TikTok and I think it looks really nice but I did this in 2019 and I think it's really easy to get carried away with it.'

How to fake straight eyebrows

Keen to try out the look without plucking? There are ways to fake it. For her iconic 'bangs and fans' BAFTA look, which paired a graphic updo with complementary full, fluffy brows, Florence Pugh's make-up artist Alex Babsky noted, 'We did a super-classic make-up, but I covered the ends of Florence’s brows & moved them into a more “Audrey” position to complement @peterluxhair’s short fringe/bangs.' Covering the tail of your brows can be as simple as layering over some budge-proof concealer.

Main image: TikTok @heyitsnicole_, @maggymerms and @we.tflix

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