Aussie Brows: The New Laminated Look You’ll Soon Be Obsessed With

It's the new brow lamination treatment on the block

Buttery Brows

by Sameeha Shaikh |
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Brow lamination is nothing new. It cropped up on the beauty scene several years ago, a treatment that offered a permanent brushed-up look with a super slick finish. Laminated brows were so popular that they became the cornerstone of a whole Instagram aesthetic, which saw precision-styled eyebrows, glowing skin and strategically lined lips take centre stage. Now, though, a new take on the treatment is making its way into the UK beauty ether, which offers less obviously laminated, natural-looking results. It's time to get acquainted with Aussie brows.

As popular as the original brow lamination look clearly was, the dramatic style wasn't for everyone, and some even noticed that the treatment made their brow hairs extremely dry, they undergo a degree of chemical straightening during the process after all - they are semi-permed to keep them in place. Inspired by a more brow-friendly Australian technique, the treatment uses less of the perming chemical - wave goodbye to dryness - and serves up far more subtle results. Brows look fuller, thicker but not as deliberately pasted upwards, meaning you get the sort of healthy, 'undone', effortless finish that characterises that aspirational Aussie aesthetic.

What are Aussie brows?

Aussie brows is a lamination-adjacent treatment that offers subtler results than all-out brow lamination. Lash and brow specialist Zellal Dogan offers it at her North-London studio Feis London - though she terms the look 'buttery brows' - and combines waxing, tinting and lamination in one appointment.

What happens during an appointment?

'Before brow lamination went viral in the UK, I noticed Australian-based Instagram posts which depicted super carved out brows that didn’t look overdone,' says Zellal, 'I wanted to offer something more wearable.'

Zellal starts by laminating her client's brows. This involves an initial perming treatment which breaks down the bonds of the hair enough to be able to tease them into a new position. When the brows are flexible enough, Zellal goes in with a setting solution to balance the pH of each hair, this is what stops the lamination process and fixes each brow hair in place.

Next, Zellal tints her client's brows to add definition, beforewaxingany stray hairs away.

How Long Does It Take, Cost & Last?

Including the consultation at the start, appointments last around 1.5 hours. The treatment costs £55 and results last for around six to eight weeks.

What's The Difference Between Traditional Lamination and The Aussie Method?

Traditional lamination consists of an initial wax. Feis London's method begins with lamination first, this way every single hair is treated, even micro hair. These then get tinted if they are of use, if they are not they are waxed away. The order of the treatment steps is the key difference here and has a massive impact on achieving the buttery brow effect, Zellal notes.

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