The Easy Halloween Clown Make-Up Look You Can Apply With Products You Already Own

Achieve the same look at home in mere minutes with Jamie Genevieve's foolproof guide

Halloween clown make-up

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If you're on the fence about attending a Halloween party this weekend, on the basis that you really can't be bothered sourcing an outfit and labouring over a complicated face paint look, then walk this way. According to make-up artist and beauty brand founder Jamie Genevieve, Halloween make-up can be as fuss-free as you like, especially if you're in the market for an easy skull look - watch Jamie's how-to video here - or the scary clown makeover you see below.

The beauty of this clown look is that it can be paired with any outfit you like - no Amazon Prime next day deliveries of polyester onesies required - and you probably already have everything you ned to apply it lurking in your make-up bag and dressing table drawers already. Watch as Jamie talks Grazia's beauty editor Annie Vischer through applying the look below:

How To Apply The Easy Halloween Clown Make-Up Look At Home

Step 1 - Apply Your Go-To Make-Up Look

'Start with a full face of make-up that makes you feel great,' says Jamie, 'you might be giving yourself a Halloween make-over at the office, or at the end of a day out at home, in which case you'll likely already have some make-up on. If that's the case, touch up your make-up until its day-out-ready before you start to Halloween-ify it.' There's method in this first step, says Jamie. 'This way you're going to feel more like yourself, even when you're rocking the Halloween make-up look,' she says, 'you want to feel great about yourself and sexy, tailoring your Halloween makeover to a make-up look that you know ticks boxes for you is a clever way of doing that.'

Step 2 - Smoke Up Your Eyes

If you haven't already done so, use a cool mix of brown eyeshadows to smoke up your eyes. Take the powder all the way across your lower lash line too, blending out with a soft eyeshadow brush. Don't be afraid to blend your eyeshadow all the way up into your eye sockets, creeping very slightly up towards your brow bone too, making sure to blend, blend, blend and diffuse the colour.

Step 3 - Contour

'Next, take your bronzer and add an intense dose of contouring,' says Jamie, 'take it higher than you might normally do, too,' she notes, 'I like to start almost on your cheekbone, instead of below it, which lifts your features.' 'Up the coverage and add glow in the centre of your face too with your concealer and a concealer brush,' says Jamie, 'concentrate on the centre of your nose, your chin, your Cupid's bow, the centre of your forehead and on your inner cheeks, either side of your nose. I love how polished it makes me look.'

Step 4 - Apply A Dark Lip

'If you're nervous about wearing a dark lip colour, apple your lipstick first, and lip liner later,' says Jamie, 'I like to use a deep Merelot red for this clown look. Use a lip brush to paint on a dark lip that stays close to. your natural lip shape, before using your lip liner to sketch out the clown-like lip shape. First, take your lip liner over your Cupid's bow, making it more shallow, then extend each side of your lip look with an upwards sweep, and fill in with your lipstick.'

Step 5 - Clown Eyes

'Use your smoky eyeshadow an an angled brow brush to sketch out the vertical lines that characterise this popular Halloween make-up look,' says Jamie, 'it's such a simple technique that's so effective visually. Be bold. If you make mistakes, all you have to do is correct with a little concealer. Once you have the bones of the shape, go in with your eyeliner and carefully intensify the outline.'

Step 6 - Finishing Touches

'You can do anything from layering up mascara, applying false lashes or using your lash glue to apply a few gems,' says Jamie, 'the gems, you can get from any craft store, Amazon or even Etsy.'

In the mood for a beauty spree? You can shop all the products Jamie used to achieve this look below:

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Easy Halloween Clown Make-Up - Grazia 2022

Vieve The Ninetease Palette1 of 5

Vieve The Ninetease Palette, £45

Packed full of cool neutrals, this palette is perfectly suited to blending up a smoky base across your eyelids, before adding definition with a soft eyeliner. Use an eyeliner brush to sweep a shades Low Rise and Soot clown eye lines, too, for a diffused finish.

Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil2 of 5
CREDIT: Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil, £23.50

You can also use your go-to eyebrow pencil to sketch out the clown eye lines, before intensifying them with an eyeliner. Jamie's brow pencil of choice? Benefit's Precisely My Brow.

Vieve Eye Wand in Raven3 of 5

Vieve Eye Wand in Raven, £21

Add depth and definition across your clown eye lines, and across your lids with Jamie's Vieve mainstay, the Vieve Eye Wand in Raven.

Vieve Power Ink Liner in Midnight Black4 of 5

Vieve Power Ink Liner in Midnight Black, £19

Jamie adds the final fine details to her skull look - as well as a slick eyeliner wing - with Vieve's Power Ink Liner in Midnight Black. Jamie's winged eyeliner is one of her signature looks, so you could always count on her serving up a high quality liquid liner in Vieve's capsule collection. The fine nib of this one lends precision, and the deep true black formula delivers high impact.

Vieve Limited Edition Modern Matte Lipstick in Bite5 of 5

Vieve Limited Edition Modern Matte Lipstick in Bite, £21

Sold on the colour Jamie applied to Grazia's beauty editor Annie's lips for this look? It's none other than a limited edition version of Vieve's iconic Modern Matte lipstick, a shade called Bite.

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