There’s A Chanel Factory 5 Mystery Box And Here’s How You Can Get Your Hands On It

Plus, now you can experience the Chanel Factory 5 concept IRL too

Chanel No5 pop up

by Chloe Burcham |

Is there a product more iconic Chanel N°5? We'll wait while you have a think. Nope, we can't think of one either. Whether you're a N°5 super fan or simply a Chanel enthusiast (who isn't?), we know you're going to want to experience Chanel Factory 5.

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In honour of Chanel N°5's iconic 100th birthday, Chanel is launching a collection of limited edition Factory 5 products. Putting a luxury spin on everyday items, the Chanel Factory 5 drop is one any Chanel lover is going to want to get their hands on and quickly.

Chanel Factory 5

From oil canisters of body oil to paint pots of shower gel, the collection consists of 17 limited edition products all wrapped up Chanel's classic monochrome branding. The idea is that the N°5 legacy is so iconic that its classic branding can transform even the most industrial looking items. Works for us! There's even a Chanel L'Eau water bottle up for grabs. NEED.

“By taking popular consumer items out of their context and dressing them up in the aesthetics of N°5, we return to CHANEL’s first creative gesture: that of transforming a functional object into a desirable luxury item. That’s what Chanel Factory 5 is all about: offering the experience of luxury in everyday life.” says Chanel's Head of Global Creative Resources Fragrance and Beauty, Thomas Du Pré Saint Maur.

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Shop The Chanel Factory 5 Collection - Grazia 2021

CHANEL Factory 5
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Meet the Chanel Mystery Box, £56, even we don't know what's in it! This is the most glamorous retail gamble you'll ever take.

CHANEL Factory 5
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Looks like a can of paint, smells like Chanel No5. What's not to love?

CHANEL Factory 5
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It's so beautiful you'll have to force yourself to use it. Whether you reserve for yourself or use it as your 'guest soap' - we recommend the former! - this little gem is worth a purchase.

CHANEL Factory 5
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We're head over heels for this glam take on functional packaging. Smooth over limbs and finish with a spritz of the classic perfume for a scent that lasts all day long.

CHANEL Factory 5
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We're all for self-gifting but IF a loved one is due a present we're betting you can't go dar wrong with this buy.

Plus, from 5th July, Selfridges are hosting the Chanel Factory 5 in the Corner Shop of their London store. Over the next four weeks you can shop the collection IRL while immersing yourself in the theme-park-meets-factory pop-up, dedicated to N°5 and the world of Chanel (aka any fashion and beauty lover's dream.)

Explore the factory setting and experience the Chanel journey from production to end product.

Plus, if you're in town on Thursday, Friday or Saturday evenings, head on down to the Chanel Factory 5 Night Shift. From 4pm, the Factory takes on a new energy complete with a DJ and Chanel Factory 5 ink stamp upon entry. It's essentially free entry to the fanciest club you'll ever be invited to. See you there.

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