TikTokers Are Making Their Own Dry Shampoo And It Boosts Hair Growth

DIY dry shampoo has racked up 17.9M views on TikTok and for good reason


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In the world of beauty there is an impressive and inexpensive category of products that lend themselves to a more natural approach to haircare, skincare and beyond, and these are the ones you make yourself. DIY products, whether face masks or lip scrubs, boast a unique home remedy appeal and the latest product getting a homemade makeover is dry shampoo.


DIY dry shampoo has racked up 17.9M views on TikTok and for good reason. Over the last few years we've become pretty reliant on hair essential between wash days and it turns out that it's easy to make a homemade alternative. TikToker Lilly van Brooklyn, known for her TikTok haircare coverage, took to the app to reveal her own DIY dry shampoo remedy.

DIY dry shampoo blends vary on TikTok, but Lilly's is billed as a natural option made withrosemary oil to boost hair growth. Rosemary oil has recently garnered attention on TikTok for its ability to stimulate hair growth when diluted adequately. Lily starts by mixing 1.5 tbsp arrowroot powder (she notes you can also use cornstarch), 1 tbsp baking soda, half a tbsp turmeric (if you have dark hair use cocoa powder), two to five drops of rosemary essential oil, then mix.

To apply, load up a fluffy brush with the mixture before swirling directly onto your roots, and remember to apply in sections and shake your roots out as you usually would with a regular dry shampoo. If Lily's results are anything to go by, expect fresh-looking, revitalised roots instantly.

Main image: TikTok @lillyvanbrooklyn

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