News Flash: The Queen Just Got A New Haircut

She just broke her own rule

queen's new haircut

by Laura Capon |

We have learnt a lot of great beauty lessons from the Queen, from how to hit on the perfect nude nail polish colour - she swears by a very particular shade - or making sure we get our daily dose of vitamin D.

Just like her 70 years of service to her country, her Majesty is equally as loyal to her beauty routine.

There’s an important reason for this and it’s the same reason she loves a neon moment. It makes her instantly recognisable, no matter how far away you are.

She even insists on her hair being entirely symmetrical, so that whatever side you see her from, that iconic profile remains the same.

Well, it seems that post-Jubilee, Liz is cutting a loose a little, throwing her rules out of the window and embracing a new, shorter hairstyle.

In a recent picture posted to The Royal Family Instagram account, the Queen can be seen meeting the Honourable Margaret Beazley, Governor of new South Wales at her home in Windsor Castle.

Wearing a bright yellow dress with blue flowers, her Majesty looked radiant. But it was her new ‘do' that immediately caught fans' attention.

“I love the Queen’s new hairstyle,” one user commented, while another added “Her Majesty’s Queen Elizabeth II all set for summer with a fabulous new hair cut. Love.”

However not everyone is a fan, with one person writing, “I don’t like the new hairstyle. The short hair ages her”.

All we’d say to that is we can only hope we look as good as she does at 96 years old.

Who is the Queen's hairdresser?

The Queen has reportedly continued to see the same hairdresser for more than 20 years - Ian Carmichael - who visits Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle regularly for weekly trims. During lockdown, though, it was the Queen's trusted stylist Angela Kelly who was charged with cutting her hair - talk about a nerve-wracking task.

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