Stacey Solomon’s Easy Plait Hack Is A Game Changer

Whether you're looking for a heat-proof hairdo or a new school style for your kids, Stacey has you covered

Stacey Solomon plait hack

by Sameeha Shaikh |
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Ever struggled doing a fancy plait? Same. While we may have the basics down (thanks TikTok), when it comes to plaits that pack finesse – eg. the french à la Molly Mae Hague – our skills could do with some upscaling. And we're not alone. Stacey Solomon has just taken to Instagram to share her plait struggles, too and shared a foolproof hack that she uses to make light work of the impressive looking do.


Posting on Instagram, Stacey said, 'Ok so I did my cheaters plait this morning and LOADS of you keep asking me to show you how I do it again as it disappeared from my story so I thought I’d just chuck it on here 🤩 I really hope this makes sense and helps 🤞 Tag a friend who needs his 😂🙏🏼.'

'I used to actually get upset about how rubbish I am at plaits 😂 especially when thinking of doing my girls hair when they’re older. So @peneloperyanbeauty showed me this & I’ll be forever in her debt 😂 it’s so much easier, quicker and stays in SO well,' she adds.

To start, Stacey takes a small section of hair at the highest point of her head and pulls it back into a high pony, using a small clear rubber band. She moves onto the section of hair directly below, pulling the hair back and tying it into a pony just below the first, being sure to incorporate its stands into the new pony. Repeating the process all the way down the length of her hair, Stacey is left with a uniform look consisting of ten interlocking ponytails, which, when secured resemble a very neat plait. To complete the look, Stacey lightly loosens the grip of each rubber band, allowing her hair to spread just enough to cover them.

This technique has the added value of staying power - the rubber band method lasts much longer than a loose French plait, especially on a little one. So, if you're looking for a new summer style that keeps your hair out of your face and off your back in the heat wave, while still looking 'done', or you need another look to add into your kids' roster of school hairstyles, Stacey has you covered.

Main image credit: Instagram @staceysolomon

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