The Best Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes To Shop Now For Halloween And Beyond

Whether you're focused on Halloween or you're simply after a new look here are best the semi permanent colour buys to shop now


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If you're craving an at-home colour switch-up and want to swerve the commitment of permanent hair colour then semi-permanent hair colour is for you. Sales of the stuff sky-rocket at this time of year too as the masses get their makeover kit together ahead of Halloween. This year has already given us some eclectic celebrity hair inspiration - fromGigi Hadid's Jessica Rabbit redtoChrissy Teigan's Bubblegum pink, and after seeing Megan Fox's recent spooky smoky grey look, we've been on the hunt for a nifty means to hair colour revamp ourselves. Enter semi-permanent hair dye.emi-permanent hair dye is the chance to experiment with a bold new look, or an exciting colour without the pressure of salon shade matching or regular maintenance.

Semi-permanent hair dye is your change to be bold with hair colour without dedicating yourself to an eye-catching shade longterm. Whether you’ve just always wondered how you'd look with a pastel dip dye, or even a Squid Games style red crop, or even if you want to try out that pumpkin spiced blonde shade you've been seeing everywhere, semi-permanent hair dye is the answer.

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How Does Semi-Permanent Dye Work?

Permanent dye works by opening the cuticle of the hair with ammonia or bleach, and then depositing the colour inside the hair shaft before sealing it up. It is over-processing at this stage of the dye process that can cause hair to dry out and weaken. But semi-permanent hair dye only colours hair at its surface level, coating the outside rather than penetrating deeper into the hair shaft. This is why the hair colour fades over time and with each wash.

How Long Does Semi-Permanent Dye Last?

Semi-permanent hair colour can last for around 4-6 weeks - so if you plan of being rid of it the very next day proceed with the utmost caution and maybe steer clear altogether. In that time you can top up on your colour to make it bolder and last longer, or simply continue to let it fade with every wash. If you're looking for something even more short term, there are always 'wash in wash out' colours in the form of drops or sprays, these can last for just one day, and can be just as easily removed as applied.

So if you're feeling inspired to opt in to semi-permanent hair dye scroll on down. We have rounded up some of the best semi-permanent hair dyes for you try now and love for, well, as long as you like:

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Bleach London, Tangerine Dream, £6.50
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Bleach London, Tangerine Dream, £6.50

With nearly a decade's worth of experience as the first salon with a focus on colour rather than cut, Bleach London's salon-quality colour can be replicated at home. We love this punchy orange that can can be applied and worn as a hot tangerine, or left to fade to an equally flattering peachy pastel orange.


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