A Step-By-Step Guide To Pippa Middleton’s Wedding Hair

It's the ultimate bridal look

pippa middleton wedding hair updo

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It's no surprise that Pippa Middleton's bridal look stole the show at her wedding, but it wasn't just her elegant lace dress that had heads turning. Her classic updo, which featured a glittering headpiece by Robinson Pelham, was utterly stunning and worked to keep all of her chocolate brown hair out of her face, to showcase her natural makeup and high-neck dress.

If you're considering opting for a similar style for your wedding or a fancy soiree you plan on attending, then read on for a step-by-step tutorial on the look.

How to recreate Pippa Middleton's wedding hair

Step 1: Set your hair with hot rollers to create natural volume and bouncy waves.

Step 2: Once your rollers have cooled, take them out, and then style your hair into a side parting.

Step 3: Section off the front and side sections of your hair, and then tie the back section into a low ponytail.

pippa middleton wedding hair

Step 4: Divide your ponytail into 4-5 small sections, and then backcomb each one to create some volume.

Step 5: Working on one small section at a time, roll it upwards towards your head and pin it in place using some bobby pins. Repeat this motion with the rest of the sections to create a textured bun.

Step 6: Pull the top and side sections of your hair back and around the bun you have created. Secure the hair in place with some bobby pins.

Step 7: For the finishing touch, apply an embellished headband, before setting your updo in place with some hairspray.

Tutorial courtesy of Mathew Soobroy, Principal Stylist at Charles Worthington Salons.

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