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How To Get Big Loose Curls

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The Best Tutorials To Get Loose Curls

Curls. Ah, curls. Insouciant, nonchalant curls that frame one's face and just ooze devil-may-care cool with a slick of sophistication. Loose curls are one of our dream hairstyles. But we only seem able to get them following an hour or so in the salon, with great cost to our bank balance. What we need is a quick and easy tutorial teaching us how to do them at home - one that we can replicate without fuss (or burnt hair disasters).

With that in mind, we've recently been on a mission to replicate the look ourselves - a mission that led us through many handfuls of bobby pins, tongs and barrel brushes until we found some handy YouTube tutorials.

After all, we can't all sit in the chair of Burberry's hair maestro Christiaan Houtenbous (the man behind those big curls of Burberry's 2015 AW show) can we? Sadly not. But we can all have a go at these tutorials. And if at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again, because practice makes perfect, after all!

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The curl we're after is defined, big and supple. No fussy waves or crimps, just a simple spiral of hair left bouncing and loose. Whether your hair's super fine or long and strong, there's a tutorial for you here to help you nail the look – plus a bonus heat-free one for those of who'd rather not go down the curling irons route.

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See four helpful tutorials below...

How to get beachy hair

Readers with long, long length-hair should watch this first tutorial. It shows how to get those coveted beachy waves using what can be described as 'soft kinks'.

Tips provided here include using a curling wand, to curl the hair both towards your face and away from it too, at intervals, creating an abundance of luscious curls.

This technique, as you'll see, also uses a few well-chosen products to keep those newly-made curls in place. These include Loreal's Elnett Satin Hairspray and Loreal's Boost It, High Lift Recreation Spray.

How to get loose curls

For medium-length hair, this tutorial gives big, round, bouncy curls. It's great for those who used to rely on extensions for body and style, but now prefer the more natural look.

The trick, here, is speed... If you hold your hair against the curling wand for too long, you'll end up with a totally different curl, so it's best to hold it curling for just a few seconds.

For extra volume (once your hair is curled), lay the curling iron at the root of the hair on the top of your head, and keep it there for a nano-second. It'll give your 'do instant volume.

Curls for short hair

Beginning with heat protectent and a Tangle Teezer, this tutorial uses a 1.5inch curling iron to create perfect curls for those with shorter hair.

How this technique works is to curl the hair in small sections outwards away from the face, focusing the heat on the ends. Make sure you leave your hair in the curling wand for a few seconds only – that way you shouldn't damage your hair too much.

Word of warning, do not touch the curls immediately after they've been curled. Let them cool in the curl. Finish off with shine spray and curl construct mousse.

How to get curls without heat

Ideal for holidays near the sea or pool, this heat-free alternative tutorial uses damp hair, a handful of bobby pins and a quick snooze to work its magic. Not a curling wand in sight.

Using a small amount of L'Oreal Paris Studio Line Slinky Curls Gel (to help to hold and add memory to the spirals) segregate your hair into four parts, and then twirl each part into a tight curl. Use bobby pins to fix them the top of your head.

Next, wait for at least an hour – though overnight would be preferable – and make sure the hair is completely dry before taking out the buns.

Remove the pins and run your fingers through your (now) beachy curly hair. Add a touch of product and ta-daa! Curly perfection.

See how to do it here...

Et voilà!

Now, if you're after some product for those curls, check out the gallery below...

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