You’ll Be Able To Buy Kendall Jenner’s New 24K Gold Infused Hair Range On The High Street

Of course they're infused with 25K gold, why wouldn't they be?

Kendall Jenner

by Annie Vischer |

If there's one sisterhood that churns out Pinterest worthy hair looks on the daily it's the Kardashians, and second to youngest sister Kendall Jenner is no exception. When she's not wearing her naturally jet black hair down in tousled waves, she's slicking it back for a night out with Gigi Hadid et al, or even dabbling in dye with the new 'broken blonde' colour technique mid-fashion-week. Whatever her look she has a host of admirers (us included) clamoring to lock down her style, and with her new collaboration with Formawell Beauty, she's made it that little bit easier.

Kendall Jenner
©Formawell Beauty x Kendall Jenner

The Formawell Beauty x Kendall Jenner range is comprised of a hairdryer, straighteners and a curling tong, all of which boast a heated surface imbibed with minerals and 24K gold. According the the brand, this combination of precious metals emits (and we're getting super techy now) negative ions that smooth hair, add shine and cut down on frizz. Well, what's not to love about that? Each tool adheres to a strict white and rose gold colour code too, how very LA!

It's fair to say these gleaming new hair tools won't look too shabby on the side of a dressing table, even if said dressing table is situated in Blighty, rather than a slicker than slick Californian condo.

Kendall Jenner
©Formawell Beauty x Kendall Jenner

The new styling range launches later this week into Argos. Cast your eyes over the 24K gold infused hair swag right here....


Formawell Beauty.x Kendall Jenner

Formawell Beauty x Kendall Jenner Pro Dryer, £69.99
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Formawell Beauty x Kendall Jenner Flat Iron, £59.99
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Formawell Beauty x Kendall Jenner Curling Iron, £49.99
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