Wait Until You See Kate Middleton’s New Gen-Z Inspired Hair Transformation

Is this style, a departure from the bouncy blowdry, the most modern we've seen from The Duchess yet?


by Phoebe Lee |

All eyes have been on Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge, while she's been on the Royal Tour in the Caribbean. Providing inspiration, sartorial and beauty galore, frankly, there hasn't been a moment we haven't been captivated by her chic summertime style.

The most surprising transformation, though, comes from day three in Belize. The Duchess has put her signature style - the bouncy, rollered blow dry - on hiatus. She's opted instead for a style that gives a firm nod to Gen Z, and here's why.

The hair inspiration takes heed from TikTok, who often have a lot to say about hair (it is, after all, the place that 'cancelled' side partings, being blonde, skinny jeans, and highlights). Soon, they predicted, the side part will be as fossilised as chunky striped highlights, sweeping emo fringes and razor cut bobs. What a new era summons, they say, is a middle parting.

Has Kate been spending time on TikTok? Who knows. We know that she's on board with the new style, though.

Browse: Kate's Gen-Z Hair Transformation


BROWSE: Kate Middleton's Gen-Z Hair Transformation

Kate Middleton Hair Royal Tour Belize
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Kate Middleton Hair Royal Tour Belize
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Kate Middleton Hair Royal Tour Belize
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Straight, centre-parted and slicked back, the new hairstyle is decidedly modern. While Gen Z decreeing the side parting as 'old' is a harsh analysis, there is merit to be found in the centre part. It shows the whole face and accentuates bone structure (especially good if you've tried your hand at TikTok's contouring filter and want to show it off).

Gen Z's evaluations aside, might Kate's hair be here to stay? Maybe. There is pertinence in updating your style as you age. 'Rethinking your routine' sits at the epicentre of Trinny London (beauty brand founded by beauty and fashion guru, Trinny Woodall), who believes that we often cling on to make-up styles that remind us of a time when we were younger. Rarely do we account in changes in face shape, colour and texture, suggests Woodall. 'Rethinking your routine' with a subtle change - in this instance, a centre part - can completely transform a look.

Whether Kate makes her centre part a mainstay or returns to the big, bouncy blow-dry, one thing is inevitable: she'll remain the pinnacle of style for a long, long time.

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