Julia Roberts Has Returned To Her Iconic Pretty Woman Hair Colour

Please welcome back Vivian Ward

Julia Roberts auburn hair colour

by Laura Capon |
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Not to make you feel incredibly old, but it’s been 30 years since Pretty Woman came out and now we know why our parents constantly told us they don’t make films like they used to.

So that’s three decades we’ve been lusting after Julia Roberts’ iconic curls, which you think would be enough time to master them… alas not.

Since her Vivian Ward days, Julia has kept the curls but ditched her signature auburn shade for a bright blonde hue.

While we’re a fan of Julia either way, we couldn’t help but let out an internal scream when her latest Instagram post popped up on our feed.

The actress, who now lives in San Francisco, is known for keeping a low profile but appeared on the red carpet at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival.

Sharing a candid behind the scenes video of her glam process, Julia showcased her brand-new hair colour and let’s just say, Vivian is back!

Of course, the signature curls are still there, teased effortlessly into place by Serge Normant but her bright blonde highlights have been replaced for something much warmer.

While Serge was responsible for the styling of her hair, colourist Kadi is the one who got Julia back to the auburn side and judging from his Instagram comment he is just as excited as us.

“There is not a day that goes by where I am not grateful to be a part of this team, and that I pinch myself that I get to colour this hair! The freedom and trust to create with such incredible artists and legends for these seminal moments, is simply the honour of a lifetime.”

From Kadi’s post it sounds like Julia is every bit the joy to work with as we would imagine.

Clearly the love runs deep as Julia also gave her team a shout out in a separate Instagram post, calling them “tireless and incredible”.

Now all we need to complete this full circle moment is Richard Gere…

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