Grazia Beauty School: How Do I Get A Deep Side-Parting Right?

This easy hair tweak makes for a glamorous fashion-forward update. Here’s how to switch up your look with minimal effort...

grazia beauty school - deep side parting

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A favourite on the backstage circuit, a deep side-parting may seem daunting – especially if you’ve been rocking a centre parting since teenage years – but swerving this simple style means you’re missing out on an easy hair update that flatters all. ‘It’s a foolproof way to add glamour,’ promises hair stylist David Wadlow. ‘How far you take it is up to you – just use your eyes as your guide.

Simply part the hair right above the outer edge of your eye. Or, to ease yourself in gently, part the hair above your pupil. Then I like to tuck the finer side of hair behind the ear, adding hair accessories.’ Once you’ve tried it, we guarantee you’ll be back for more. ‘Slick and sleek or loose and tousled, it’s a versatile style with minimum effort for maximum impact.’ Sounds good to us.


Grazia Beauty School - Deep Side Parting

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1. Starting Point

First up, prep. 'Start with damp hair so that you can easily manipulate your chosen parting into position. This is especially important for those with thicker hair, problematic partings or simply if you're experimenting with your non "natural" side,' says David.

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2. Draw The Line

Now, get in formation. 'Using your eye below your parting position as a guide, take a tail comb and draw a precise line; starting from your hairline, work straight back to your crown, keeping your tail comb flat to your scalp. The damp hair texture will ensure it stays in place, too,' says David.

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3. Blow Out

'Using a bristle brush, dry on a slow-to-moderate speed on the highest heat setting. Aim your dryer in the direction of the parting for a smooth finish on top.'

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4. Wave

Once dry, use a heated wand to add in waves, 'alternating the direction of each wave'.

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Grazia beauty school - side parting

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